v2.0 TTR and TTO not working

  • Lived

    Lived - 2012-12-18

    I create SLA with TTR and TTO, assign it to the service and customer contract. But when i create ticket, fields "TTR Deadline" and "TTO Deadline" are empty. Itop latest version. What i miss and how fix this?
    Thank you.

  • TheBigOne

    TheBigOne - 2012-12-18


    I have the same problem in Version 1.2.1 but I did not have time to dive into the problem. It was working, but suddenly stopped working. Maybe it was a change somewhere. Did not checked it in the new version yet.

  • Denis

    Denis - 2012-12-18

    Did you check that the SLA/SLT are properly defined for your tickets?

    (Have a look at: http://www.combodo.com/wiki/doku.php?id=implementation:start#service_level_agreements_and_targets)

    For the computation to work: the SLT must be linked to a SLA which must be linked to the customer contract covering the selected services. Besides this, the SLT must be for the correct type of ticket and priority.

    Hope this helps,

    - Denis

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    Lived - 2012-12-18

    Yes, i double check this. Here my configuration steps:
    1. I created customer organisation (O1), then create service (S1) and assign it for O1 in service properties.
    2. Then created subservise (Sb1) for S1.
    3. Then created SLT (SL1) with parameters:
    Request type- service request
    Metric- TTR
    Value-10 min
    4. After, assigned SL1 for new SLA(SL2) with organization O1 in properties.
    5. Finally, created customer contract (C1), for O1, with "provider" field organization2 (O2) and assigned S1 as service and SL2 as SLA.

    After that i created  user service request for this service and with priority "medium" and assign it for user. But in request page fields "SLA tto passed" and "TTR Deadline" are zero or empty.

  • Pankaj khurana

    Pankaj khurana - 2013-02-26

    Hello Denis Sir,

    I am also facing same problem.TTO deadline and TTR deadline fields always come empty when i generate helpdesk ticket..i also check database ticket_request table..after creating ticket ttr_75_deadline,ttr_100_dealine values are empty

    But this work fine in case of Incidents.

    Hope so this is not bug in itop..

    Thanks in advance,
    Pankaj khurana

  • Pankaj khurana

    Pankaj khurana - 2013-03-05

    Hello Denis Sir,

    I need your help just guide me little bit if possible...

    To solve this problem(TTO and TTR working in Request Ticket)

    i have made a change in env-production/itop-tickets/main.itop-tickets.php

            $oSLTSet = new DBObjectSet(DBObjectSearch::FromOQL($sOQL),
                            'metric' => $sMetric,
                            'service' => $oTicket->Get('service_id'),
                            'customer' => $oTicket->Get('org_id'),
     //modify line          'request_type' =>$sRequestType, //pass "incident here"
                            'priority' => $oTicket->Get('priority'),

    when i passed $sRequestType = "incident" its work fine for User Ticket also..May be here class is not passed or synchronize.

    After passing $sRequestType = "incident" tto deadline comes in UserReuest also but after creating 3-4 tickets..tto deadline again disappear mean values doesn't enter in database...

    right not i am not able to find root cause of failure of tto/ttr escalation in Ticket Request....

    Please help and guide me its urgent now....

    Thanks in advance

    Pankaj Khurana

  • Pankaj khurana

    Pankaj khurana - 2013-03-07

    Thanks to every one ,

    we have solve this issue also...


    • Obed Eugenio

      Obed Eugenio - 2018-01-19

      Hi Pankaj,

      Good day!

      How did you solve this issue? Kindly share the solutions.

      Thank you.

  • Erwan Taloc

    Erwan Taloc - 2013-03-10

    Hello all

    we have fixed the bug in the trunk par of iTop.
    This was related to a typo in the definition of SLT, we were using "servicerequest" instead of "service_request".

    To fix the issue on your side you may retrieve the file datamodel.itop-service-mgmt.xml or datamodel.itop-service-mgmt-provider.xml according to the module you have installed.

    Then just restart the setup of iTop to update it.

    Be careful, editing the directory env-production is dangerous because each time you will restart the setup the files located in this directory will be regenerated.
    The good practice is to edit the files located in the directory datamodels, or even better create an extension to create a delta.

    You can have a look at the wiki to undertand how it works : http://www.combodo.com/wiki/doku.php?id=customization:start
    An new package will be release begining of April including all the bug fix.

    Sorry for the issue



  • Pankaj khurana

    Pankaj khurana - 2013-03-12

    Hello Erwan Sir,

    Sir i followed yours instruction as you described above.but still i have this problem..
    i do not understand which step i am missing..I have done a changes in datamodel.itop-service-mgmt.xml or datamodel.itop-service-mgmt-provider.xml ...change service_request to servicerequest and have done changes in dictonaries files.

    Please help me to to solve this issue according to you instuction...


    Last edit: Pankaj khurana 2013-03-12
    • Pankaj khurana

      Pankaj khurana - 2013-03-12

      Sorry it is working fine....
      i have done now .....

      But i have a problem TTO/TTR does not work according to workshift of organization.please do little bit help to fix this issue...

      Thanks and Regards
      Pankaj khurana

  • Pankaj khurana

    Pankaj khurana - 2013-04-11

    Thanks Romain Quetiez Sir,

    With your help we have resolved this issue,thanks a lot sir

    Warm Regards
    Pankaj Khurana


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