Tiago Alves - 2013-10-24

Hi folks, I am tryng to set up some notifications, but I am always getting the same errors "Object not following integrity rules: issues = Unexpected value for attribute 'to': Null not allowed, class = AsyncSendEmail, id ="

The OQL queries are OK, I tested with "Tools / Run Query" Page.
The queries are:
- SELECT Contact FROM lnkContactToTicket JOIN Contact ON lnkContactToTicket.contact_id = Contact.id WHERE ticket_id = :this->id

-SELECT Team WHERE id = :this->team_id

When I use the Trigger ON ENTERING A STATE, these queries throw the error above, But when I use the Trigger "WHEN LOG IS UPDATED" or "ON OBJECT CREATION" the same queries (and notifications) are working.

Can someone help ?

Thank you.