Importing multiple classes

  • jitsobullet

    jitsobullet - 2013-05-30

    Hi All,

    Does iTop have the ability to import multiple classes? For example when i try to import a new customer contract, where the organization is yet to exist, it returns with an error. Thereafter i have to create the organization first before importing the contract information.

    Would be great if the 'one' import can define multiple classes and their relationships.

    Question is, can this be done?


  • Denis

    Denis - 2013-05-30

    This cannot be done using CSV files, since the CSV format is tabular per nature. So having different kind of objects in one single CSV file makes no sense.

    However this can be done using XML files, and it's exactly what iTop is doing when it loads the sample data. You can perfectly mix different classes of objects inside one XML file. What is lacking is a clean page/webservice exposing the XML import to the world, but this can be done quite easily. Look at the class XMLDataLoader defined in the /setup directory, all the processing is encapsulated here.

  • TheBigOne

    TheBigOne - 2013-05-31

    Is it maybe also a good way to import tickets from iTop 1.3? XML works much better with linebreaks.

  • jitsobullet

    jitsobullet - 2013-05-31

    Thank you Denis,

    Any possibilities that a webservice to accomplish the above be implemented within iTop. Also how would i go about parsing XML files with the current model?

  • jitsobullet

    jitsobullet - 2014-01-29


    Ive created a separate webservice (in php/html) which imports CSV data into the database, but the only issue is that i dont have the iTOP theme i.e. navigation panel and search etc...

    How can this be integrated?

    The CSV data is collated in a single header

    Kind Regards

    Kind Regards


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