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New release iTextSharp 3.1.0 (2006-03-03)

Posted by Paulo Soares 2006-03-03

New release iTextSharp 3.0.9 (2005-11-09)

Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.9 (2005-11-09)

- added cell and table event forwarders

- Properties.AddAll() threw a cast exception

- a few properties didn't set correctly the values

- Added Image.UnEscapeURL()

- Bordercolors weren't correct if useVariableBorders was set manually.

- code clean up by Xavier Le Vourch

- new lists in list and combo fields can be set

- added a convenience method to check the status in ColumnText... [read more](/p/itextsharp/news/2005/11/new-release-itextsharp-309-2005-11-09-/)
Posted by Paulo Soares 2005-11-09

New release iTextSharp 3.0.8 (2005-10-19)

Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.8 (2005-10-19)

- added support for tagged PDFs. The high level objects don't generate tags
  yet, but it's possible to create a fully legal tagged PDF using PdfContentByte.

- Image.skip() didn't check for EOF.

- Image.toUrl() didn't escape the filename chars.

- in AcroFields lists couldn't be set by the export value

- fixed the image alignment in ColumnText.addElement()... [read more](/p/itextsharp/news/2005/10/new-release-itextsharp-308-2005-10-19/)
Posted by Paulo Soares 2005-10-19

New release iTextSharp 3.0.7 (2005-08-24)

Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.7 (2005-08-24)

- Constructor Image(Stream) was removed. Use Image.GetInstance(Stream).

- fixed a conversion bug in getting the first dimension size of an array [,]

- added the class WebColors

- MultiColumnText didn't respect mirrored margins

- added some methods to MultiColumnText for arabic and RTL text.

- when using a MultiColumnText with only 1 column, the
  currentY of the PdfDocument is no longer the total available
  width (triggering a new page every time a ColumnText is
  added), but it is changed according to the space used by the
  MultiColumnText. In other words: you can now use
  MultiColumnText as if it was a Paragraph object (which is
  handy if you need R2L or BiDi).... [read more](/p/itextsharp/news/2005/08/new-release-itextsharp-307-2005-08-24/)
Posted by Paulo Soares 2005-08-24

New release iTextSharp 3.0.6 (2005-08-18)

Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.6 (2005-08-18)

- constructor Image(Image) didn't copy one of the fields

- Image.ScaledToFit() didn't take rotation into account

- Table.Width was not being overriden. The result was an exception in PdfDocument

- added BaseFont.CorrectArabicAdvance() to make Arabic Diactrics (tashkeel)
  have zero advance. Some Microsoft fonts like Arial.ttf have non-zero advances
  that confuse the Arabic shaper.... [read more](/p/itextsharp/news/2005/08/new-release-itextsharp-306-2005-08-18/)
Posted by Paulo Soares 2005-08-18

New release iTextSharp 3.0.5 (2005-07-24)

Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.5 (2005-07-24)

- added support for Type3 fonts

- annotation in Image now works everywhere

- support for rotated TIFF images

- support for some jpeg tiff images. Very incomplete.

- converted the HTML parsing (HtmlParser)

- fix in checkboxes with the same name but different appearances

- signature fields can't be exported

- MultiColumnText page position didn't update after page 1... [read more](/p/itextsharp/news/2005/07/new-release-itextsharp-305-2005-07-24-/)
Posted by Paulo Soares 2005-07-24

New release iTextSharp 3.0.4 (2005-07-05)

Changes in iTextSharp 3.0.4 (2005-07-05)

- RTF support

- better CCITTG4Encoder

- InvariantCulture used in case insensitive comparisons

- some properties were changed into functions

- better subset prefix generation for fonts

- fixed conversion bug in PdfCopyFieldsImp in setting the fields in the
  right pages

- PdfFormField.FieldName can be set to null

- fixed a conversion bug in PdfStamperImp.AddAnnotation().... [read more](/p/itextsharp/news/2005/07/new-release-itextsharp-304-2005-07-05/)
Posted by Paulo Soares 2005-07-05

iTextSharp 3.0.0 is released

iTextSharp is a C# port of iText, a Java library to create and modify PDFs.

All the current 1.3.1 iText features including signatures are supported.
I didn't convert the RTF files as there are 50 of them and I've no use for it.

The main changes from the older version are:

  • Color is a new class
  • Hashmap was removed and Hashtable is used instead
  • the method names are capitalized
  • the sharpziplib is included in the program
  • signatures are supported with the bouncycastle library that is also included
    in the program. To get the trusted certificates in your computer you'll need
    WSE or PInvoke
  • arabic-hebrew RTL is supported
  • CJK fonts are supported
  • hyphenation is supported
  • many images types are supported including ICC profiles.... read more
Posted by Paulo Soares 2005-06-15

iTextSharp 0.04 released!

This is the fourth release of iTextSharp. iTextSharp is a port of the iText open source Java library. Several minor bugs have been fixed. Check out the release notes to see what defects were addressed.

Posted by Gerald Henson 2003-08-25

iTextSharp 0.03 released!

This is the third release of iTextSharp. iTextSharp is a port of the iText open source Java library. Several minor bugs have been fixed, as well as new functionality for creating pdf files from xml files. The binaries have been compiled with the latest version of #ziplib.

Posted by Gerald Henson 2003-05-15

iTextSharp 0.01 beta released

This is the first beta release of iTextSharp. iTextSharp is a port of the iText open source Java library. It allows you to generate PDF files programmatically. It allows text, images, embedding TrueType fonts, etc. You can check out the feature list at

The iText Tutorial has also been ported to use C# syntax. It is located at

Posted by Gerald Henson 2003-02-11

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