Simple benchmark of various iText ports

I did a very simple benchmark test of various iText ports on my PC. The profile of my PC is the following.

CPU: Xeon 2.8 GHz Dual processor
OS: Windows XP Professional SP2
CLR: .NET Framework 1.1
JavaVM: JRE SE 1.4.2_06-b03

The results are the followings. The times were measured using JUnit or .NET port of JUnit by J#.

iText 1.2.1 (Java; original)
2.718 sec and 2.110 sec
iText .NET 1.2.1 (J# port)
3.687 sec and 3.141 sec
iTextSharp 0.04 (C# port; based on iText 0.95; <>)
1.532 sec and 1.234 sec

The former is the time to execute it first; the latter is the time to execute second. A difference between the former and the later is mainly time to initialize runtime libraries. iText .NET placed the lowest rank of them, but I think it is not so bad perfomance in comparison with original Java version. On the other hand, iTextSharp showed a good performance. It means iText .NET has much room for improvement, especially in Gnu.Classpath.Core.dll.

You can do this benchmark test by installing Bench-iTexts-1.2.1.msi in Benchmark package. Further out, this package contains .NET-ported JUnit by J#.

Posted by Kazuya Ujihara 2005-03-26

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