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New major iText release: 1.2

There have been 4 'official' minor releases and 6 'early access' releases since iText1.1, so it was about time for a new major release.
For iText1.1, the main iText site was redesigned and the tutorial redesign was started. Now, with the 1.2 release, the first chapters have been published at
Of course there's also to API documentation. In iText1.2, the javadoc comments have been updated so that all warnings detected by the javadoc-tool are resolved.
The most important new functionality in iText1.2 is the support for Optional Content Group support (only for PDF version1.5 and higher), support for multiple signatures, revision information and extraction.
Some bugs have been fixes, especially some Table problems that appeared in iText1.1.
For a complete lists of all the changes, see read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2005-01-07

iText 1.1.2 released

I have just released 1.1.2. That's exactly a month after the 1.1 release. 1 major and 2 minor releases in one month time. iText is really on the right track!
The most important changes in the 1.1.2 release are the Table bug fixes and the support for multiple signatures, revision information and extraction.
In the meantime, the framework to build the new tutorial 'iText by Example' ( is getting more and more stable.
Documenting iText is on top of my TODO list. Bookmark the tutorial link, you will see new examples popping up every week.

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2004-12-16

iText 1.1 released

Finally the iText 1.1 release is there.
It comes with lots of new and improved functionality, just too much goodies to sum up. The new release also comes with a new site design. It's still under construction, but check out the new Home Page ( ). Doesn't it look nice?
This will also be the design for a new Tutorial. We can't have all that new functionality hidden in the Source Code, don't we? Documenting source and writing good examples, isn't always easy. It takes some time, so please have some patience. The coming weeks, you should see different chapters popping up from now and then.
In the meanwhile you can enjoy the new release. Have fun!

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2004-11-16

iText 1.0 released!

We finally arrived at version 1.0! With the holidays ahead, it's probably time to update the tutorial because a lot of new iText features are not yet covered. For the people who are new to iText: the O'Reilly article that appeared last week is certainly a good start:

This release adds new functionality (such as support for BMP images, several new flavors of lists, helper class for Affine Transformations,...), but it is mainly a release that makes iText more userfriendly, also more tolerant towards other other products:
images are handled more straightforward in order that you no longer need class java.awt.Image, JAI or specific X window-settings. iText is more lenient when importing broken images, broken PDF files,
even encrypted PDF files can now be read...... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2003-06-26

O'Reilly article on iText

Today O'Reilly's published an interesting article on iText, a free Java-PDF library.

The article deals with 'Dynamically Creating PDFs in a Web Application'.

It's a MUST-READ article for anyone who want to start a JAVA project in which PDF is involved. It contains sample code to get you started in no time.

The author (Sean C. Sullivan, who also wrote the book 'Programming with the Java Media Framework') starts like this:
Our team had plenty of experience with J2EE web applications but we had little experience with PDF documents. We needed to find a pure Java class library that could produce sophisticated PDF documents in a server-side web application. We found a solution that completely met our needs: iText.... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2003-06-18

European Acrobat/PDF Developers Tour

This is a message from Leonard Rosenthol.
It's not directly iText related, but very useful for people involved with PDF:

For those of you in Europe currently working with Acrobat 5 & PDF 1.4 and interested to get the "inside scoop" on the changes for Acrobat 6.0 and PDF 1.5, let me HIGHLY recommend that you consider attending one of the 4 programs that Adobe and PDF Sages are offering next month (June).... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2003-05-17

iText, a free Java-PDF library: release 0.99

Look for the keywords JAVA and PDF with Google,
and you'll find iText as the first hit:

The library exists for about 4 years now and
grew from a pure PDF generating library to a
tool that can be used to generate HTML and RTF
as well. Apache's FOP also recommends iText
for post-processing PDF files (for instance
encrypting them).

And now there's the 0.99 release (1.0 is very
close now!) with goodies like Image transparency,
improved Image support (TIFF without having to use
JAI! No X server needed!), some improvements for
Arabic shaping, page reordering (you can now
generate documents with up to 200.000 pages
and that's not even the limit!),...... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2003-05-02

free seminar

Dear all,

This is a semi-commercial message, but I think you will find it very interesting (that is: if you don't mind to pay a little visit to Belgium).

As you all know Adobe (the company) allows people like us to look into the PDF Reference Manual and use it to create free software that produces PDF documents. Free software products (e.g. iText) lower the threshold to introduce PDF in companies.

However, at some point, a free product (even iText) can't keep up with the company's needs. At that moment it's time to look at commercial software that can be used in combination with iText to enhance the PDF documents.

Two examples:
1. iText supports forms, but a client can't save the info
he entered using only Acrobat Reader. Nor does iText
provide server side functionality to compute the info
sent by the client.
2. iText has a 'hook' for dignital signatures, but the
actual functionality isn't implemented.

This morning I went to a free seminar organized by D-Soft ( ) dealing with these two topics. I saw a very interesting introduction to some of the commercial products made by Adobe and some plugins made by D-Soft:

9:30 Introduction by Frank Delanghe
10:00 PDF Forms by Hans Berth
11:00 Adobe Form Server / Designer by Philippe Vlietinck
11:25 Forms and Signatures by Frank Delanghe
11:45 Customer Case TMS by Eric Albert

As I learnt a great deal in this seminar about functionalities that are beyond what iText (or free software in general) can offer, I wanted to inform you that you can attend to the same free seminar on Friday, April 25th in Brussels, (Hotel Le Mridien, Carrefour de l'Europe 3, the Dutch version from 9.00 until 12.00 a.m., the French version from 14.00 until 17.00 p.m).

If you want to subscribe, you can go to this page:
If you want to be informed about other seminars (for instance if you want an English version), please

best regards,
Bruno Lowagie

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2003-04-04

iText0.97 released

It has been almost 5 months since the last 'official' iText release. In spite of my 'laziness' the amount of hits on the site and the number of iText users kept increasing. In the last 5 months, there were also 6 'experimental releases' made by Paulo Soares. The last 3 were uploaded to CVS and now iText0.97 is finally there.

Of course a lot of work has still to be done: some very interesting examples on Paulo's site should be integrated in The brandnew and improved PDF Forms functionality should be documented in the tutorial,...... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2003-03-11

ANT Task for iText

Hello all,

Version 0.96 of iText, your JAVA-PDF library, has been released last week! This new release brings a lot of new functionalities. iText is famous for PDF generation, but now the PDF reading part has been ameliorated too. Paulo Soares integrated the contribution by Leonard Rosenthol that allows you to copy existing PDFs into a new document without loosing fields and annotations.

As more and more people are using iText, more and more extra tools become available. One of the most recent tools is an ANT task for iText. You can download it here:
It was developed by Oliver Wieland for his FOPPS project (also hosted on SourceForge With this tool, you can create PDF, HTML or RTF from within your ANT build.xml. A very useful feature if you want to create userfriendly documentation.... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2002-11-25

IBM iSeries uses iText for PDF generation

Download the new iText release (0.95) today!

As you can read in the article 'IBM Readies Beta One of iSeries Access for Web Middleware' by Joe Hertvik, iText was chosen by IBM as a tool to spool file output into a PDF format. As a matter of fact, iText is now shipped with the Beta iSeries Access for Web, and the new PDF output support is fully integrated.

Read the article at:
or the iSeries README-files here: read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2002-09-26

new release: iText0.91

Hello all,

This message is intended for SourceForge visitors who are working
on JAVA projects and who don't know iText.

iText is a library that is able to generate on-the-fly-documents in
different formats. With the same source code, you can generate
PDF, HTML or RTF. iText focuses especially on PDF and I wanted
to inform you of one of the new features in the 0.91 that is really
very userfriendly.

Being a JAVA programmer, you must know the class java.awt.Graphics2D
(an extension of the even more famous java.awt.Graphics class).
You probably use this class in many different contexts to write graphics and
text to the screen, to a printer, to some Image file.... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2002-04-18

iText: new release(s)

Before release 0.80 iText was used in lots of projects to create PDF documents on the fly.
Since version 0.80, iText was able to READ existing PDF files. There were some difficulties
at first because not all PDF producers follow the PDF specs.
This problem has now been overcome. Thanks to some new contributors, there have been
two new releases last week: iText0.82 and iText0.83, adding also some extra features
such as patterns, named actions, launch actions, improved error handling,...... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2002-02-08

iText logo

Hello all,

I recently received a mail from SourceForge, asking if I wanted to update the
SourceForge logo/link on my site. Of course I immediately changed the homepage
of 'iText, a free Java PDF library'.

But the guys at SourceForge gave me an idea. I realized that iText (a project
that is now almost 3 year old) should have a logo too. I wrote some code
(using iText) to generate this logo: read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2002-02-04

iText0.81: Multiple License

There is a new release of iText, a free JAVA PDF library!

The most important change in this new release is the License.
iText was originally released under LGPL. However, more and
more commercial products began using iText and there was
a frequently returning demand for a less strict license than LGPL.
That's why we (Paulo and Bruno) decided to publish iText under
MPL and LGPL. You (the user) now have the choice: if you want to
continue distributing iText under LGPL, fine, just remove the MPL
stuff (your allowed to do this). If you use iText in a commercial product,
just upgrade iText to version 0.81 and distribute iText under MPL
with LGPL as possible alternative license.... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2002-01-21

iText - 4 new PDF command line tools

Hello all,

yesterday I published version 0.80 of iText, a free JAVA PDF library.
I jumped from 0.7x to 0.80 because a major functionality was added:

iText is now able to read PDF-files (instead of only creating them).
To demonstrate this new functionality, I wrote 4 small standalone
programs that can be called from the command line:

java Concat destfile file1 file2 [file3 ...]
=> concatenates the files file1, file2(, file3,...) and puts the result in destfile.... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2002-01-10

iText0.73 - PDF made easy

Are you looking for the best solution to publish documents
for the web. You'll find it here. iText is a JAVA-PDF library
that allows you to generate PDF documents dynamically on a

iText is by far the most feature rich product around.
Check out the updated (and impressive) feature list at

You won't find a better product that doesn't cost you
a fortune.... read more

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2001-12-17