iText 2.1.5 released

iText is probably the most used Java library to create and manipulate PDF. Last year some new developers joined the team and this resulted in a new release with a huge changelog:

Although users probably won't notice a lot of changes in the API, they'll find out that iText now needs less memory and CPU. That's because iText is getting a makeover with plenty of internal optimizations.

Due to the increased use of iText, more bugs are being reported on the mailing list. iText 2.1.5 fixes (almost) all the bugs that were posted in the last three months.

There's also some new functionality: support for the JBIG2 image format, enhanced support for Tagged PDF (ongoing), a PdfCopy version that allows you to copy a form from one PDF to another.

With this new release, we can also offer a 40% reduction on the book "iText in Action" (offer valid till April 1).
See for more info.

Finally, keep an eye on Next week, there will be an article on how to use iText in combination with Twitter!

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2009-03-08

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