iText 1.5.3 released for use with Eclipse/BIRT

In 2006 IBM and the Eclipse Foundation published the Callisto Simultaneous Release, meaning that ten major Eclipse projects were released at the same time.

One of those ten projects was Eclipse/BIRT, the Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools project led by Actuate. Eclipse/BIRT uses iText, but at the time of the Callisto Simultaneous Release, it was not clear to the Eclipse Foundation who was the owner of the IP of iText. Therefore iText had to be downloaded separately.
If iText were to be released with the Europa Simultaneous Release in 2007, somebody needed to make the IP inventory of iText.

Ghent University and Actuate signed a contract for research agreement and the result was a list of all the people who ever contributed code to the iText project. Based on this result copyright notices (see were written, and a subset of iText was compiled (respecting everybody's copyright) for use in Eclipse/BIRT: this was iText 1.5.2.

The project officially ended on May 31, but as the project talked about a period of 1 year and the work started only on July 19, 2006, it was prolonged till July 19, 2007. Since June 2007, iText 1.5.2 is shipped with Eclipse/BIRT and it is no longer necessary to download it separately. In other words: the research agreement ended in success.

This new iText release (iText 1.5.3), dated August 7, 2007, was made after the research agreement ended, but it includes some performance enhancements that could be useful for Eclipse/BIRT users (one of the enhancements was actually suggested by Actuate). The same copyright notices as the ones shipped with the iText version integrated in Eclipse/BIRT apply.

Posted by Bruno Lowagie 2007-08-07

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