#222 Fn key for scrollback as in Mozilla...


Thanks so much for your work on iTerm.

Could we allow Fn-arrow to work in the same way as
Command-arrow for scrollback? I constantly swap
between Mozilla and iterm and the difference drives me
crazy ;)

Fn-arrow currently does nothing, does it?

thanks -
Pat Niemeyer
Author of Learning Java, O'Reilly & Associates and the
BeanShell Java scripting language.


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    This is not a good suggestion.
    The Fn+arrows key combinations actually send the Home,
    End, PgUp and PgDown key. And these keys are very
    usefull in applications like emacs, lynx, less, ....
    Hence they should be send to the shell (as it is currently
    the case) and not used to move the scrollbar.

    The fact that fn+arrows are used in Terminal.app to move
    the scrollbar instead of being send to the shell as PgUp
    and PgDown is what make Terminal.app a pain to use
    for me. Apart from the Tab support, this is the main
    reason why I use iTerm and not Terminal.app.

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    Funny, this is why I don't use iTerm! I want Page Up/Down and Home
    and End to take you to those locations within the scroll buffer.

    An easy solution would be assignable keys for scrolling through the

  • fabian

    fabian - 2006-10-31
    • status: open --> closed
  • fabian

    fabian - 2006-10-31

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