Andy Law - 2009-03-03


I'm tinkering with the code base thinking about contributing some hacks to make opening sessions/bookmarks in windows rather than tabs. I see that others have requested the feature too. I'd like to have a quick discussion about how the code currently operates and how users think that it should.

As far as I can tell, the code currently opens all bookmarks in a tab inside the current window (using that windows size and other settings) UNLESS the bookmark is selected in the Bookmark Manager window and the user clicks on 'New Window' or the user holds down the alt/option key when selecting the bookmark from the bookmark window.

I would *like* to write code that allows the user to specify an application-wide default to use tabs (as is the case now) or windows to open new bookmarks. I would also like to allow the user to specify that certain bookmarks *always* be opened in a new window/tab regardless of the application-wide setting. I also think that there is scope for adding properties to bookmark groups (folders) to specify that their contents should be opened either as a group of tabs in a new window, as a group of tabs in the current window or as a set of new windows.

I would welcome comments from others as to how they would like to see iTerm operate.


Andy Law