SQL Server 2005 as database for iteraplan

  • Sptt

    Sptt - 2010-05-15

    Please let me know whether I can be able to configure iteraplan on SQL server 2005 database. I have the hsqldb scripts of iteraplan but I am not able to convert into SQL Server 2005. I will appreciate your help if you could provide me the SQL server scripts.

    Thanks a lot for your support.


  • iteraplan

    iteraplan - 2010-05-17

    Hi Sushant,

    the community edition of iteraplan is shipped with a hsqldb database for ease of use (database starts up in background and saves data in simple files, see http://hsqldb.org/ for more info).

    The community edition does not support any other databases. The enterprise edition however offers support for recent versions of MySQL and Oracle. The data you entered into the community edition that is saved in the hsqldb can be migrated to the enterprise edition.
    For a complete feature comparison see http://iteraplan.de/en/comparison

    SQL server 2005 is not supported out of the box. As MySQL and Oracle are very widespread and no other customers asked for SQL-Server yet, we haven't looked into this and it probably won't become a priority within the next months.

    We use hibernate as a RDBMS-Mapper, so there might be a good chance to wire up iteraplan with SQL server 2005 but there definitily would be some added effort to do that and there are possible additional migration efforts later. So what i would suggest is to either use MySQL or Oracle for productive use of iteraplan and thus profit from the migration script for new versions and the full support for these databases (testing, known issues, support, etc).

    Best Regards
    Andreas Feldschmid


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