Aleksey Avdeev - 2012-07-08

Patch changed: now we use the variables defined in the module GNUInstallDirs (supplied with CMake 2.8.5 and more recent) and the modified module MacroProcessManpages (see\).

This patch can be taken in my git
(git:// in the form of

1. ALT/italc2/patch/cmake-install-man (see;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/ALT/italc2/patch/cmake-install-man\)
for italc 2.0.1. This branch is added patches from Debian (see;a=tree;f=debian;h=ec0a9773974adfb785392b1e7c16b8a9e7971e4f;hb=df17c7ca03c591c3d2d95f891db82770d4a6fb89\). Package italc2-2.0.1-alt5 (see;a=commit;h=0340c575b298cdce90fc27310104eedbce6752c2\)
compiled with the patch.

2. italc2/patch/cmake-install-man (see;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/italc2/patch/cmake-install-man\)
- For branch italc2 (git://