iTALC 1.0.3 released

iTALC 1.0.3 has been released and is available for download now. It brings some new features as well as lot of improvements and bugfixes:

- internal changes: moved core-functionalities into separate core-library (Lib)
- ICA: destroy QSystemTrayIcon-object at exit - tray-icon now immediately disappears at exit (win32)
- ICA: made parameters -ivsport and -isdport configurable via registry/config-files
- ICA: execute commands in background (detached) for not blocking while commands are running
- ICA/Linux: use "halt" rather than "poweroff"
- ICA/win32: send cursor shape (much more convenient remote-control!)
- ICA/win32: merged changes from TightVNC-SVN
- ICA/win32: trap Alt+Space in locked mode
- IMA: heavily improved UI of toolbar and tool-buttons in application itself as well as in remote-control
- IMA: stop demo on all clients after a student-demo
- IMA: added fullscreen-functionality via F11
- IMA: lot of improvements in remote-control such as ability to block student's inputs (currently only on win32), take a snapshot, switch between remote-control and view-only, show remote-cursor etc.
- IMA: improved UI of classroom-manager
- IMA: renamed "multi-logon"-feature to "remote-logon"
- Setup: do not fail copying files when installing from "not-mounted" network-share
- Lib: improved network-socket-code
- Lib: fixed possible security-flaw
- ICA, IMA: heavily improved logging-system
- ICA, IMA: moved remote-control-functionality from ICA to IMA - solves several problems with missing access rights to private key by ICA-service
- ICA, IMA, Lib: general cleanups, performance improvements and bugfixes
- ICA, IMA, Lib, Setup: added/improved several localizations

When upgrading a win32-installation it's recommended to stop the service first (net stop icas) and remove all files in iTALC program folder.

Posted by Tobias Doerffel 2007-06-04