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2012/11/9 Boris Doucey <boris.doucey@gmail.com>:
> You have several roles in italc : teacher, admin, supporter. I think you can
> accomplish your goal by using them. Iwould do it this way :
> Generate key (use ProgramFiles\italc\imc.exe) for the admin role and put the
> public key in the C:\Program Files\iTALC\keys\public\admin\ folder on every
> computer
> Put the private key in C:\Program Files\iTALC\keys\private\admin\ on the
> admin computer
> For each classroom, generate key for the teacher role and put the public key
> in the C:\Program Files\iTALC\keys\public\teacher\ folder on each computer
> of the classroom.
> Each private key goes in C:\Program Files\iTALC\keys\private\teacher\ on
> each teacher's computer.
> Let us know if it works.

>> Le 08/11/2012 14:16, Bernard Christian a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I have two classrooms (10 and 8 computers running XP pro sp3) with differents
pairs of keys (teacher keys) for each one. This work fine.
>> How can I configure this two classroom for a admin acces from an other
>> computer ? The Italc Faq and some other docs on the Internet suggest to
>> creat an other key pair without othet instruction. I tried this but I have a message
>> "host unreachable". I can not install the two pair of teacher keys on the same
>> "admin" computeur

Last year I tried to do this. It doesn't work and I report the bug here :


When you have others key then teacher ones, Italc don't read them (I see that with filemon from sysinternal, Italc only access to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\italc\key\teacher) so admin role just can not be usable.

Is it the same with linux version ?
Is there a workaround ?
Can I start Italc in admin role ? (with a command-line parameter ?)

Christian Westphal