#28 stop surfing


possibility to stop the abilitie to surf over internet
on one computer or on a group (classroom)

(sorry for my english i am french user :) )


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    The hardest part about adding this feature, is making it always work, You can set proxies for all browsers, but then you need to make sure proxies stay, you can make it monitor network activity, but this is a bit harder, and slower.

    The big problem is multiple browsers, and multiple operating systems.

    Lucky for me, we make all students use ie or firefox, and they are all windows, so we can just pre-set proxy servers on both browsers.

  • rlevesque

    rlevesque - 2011-04-25

    I hate to bring wake this topic up, but I may have an idea. If you are a school system that keeps your student machines locked down and settings unchangeable by students then you can make this work. And make it work nicely too.

    Make iTalc a proxy server. It's pretty simple really. Make the master version of the service a proxy server and physically set the master machine as the client's proxy. Never change that value and let the proxy server handle deciding if traffic should be allowed through. You can even disable it for specific machines at a time. If its disabled have it redirect to a page urges the student to pay attention to the teacher or something.

    Granted, I can see problems with this. There is a bottle neck at the master machine. If it cant handle the traffic going through it...it might choke. And, if you already proxy this may break your current setup by having all the traffic come from one machine and make it harder to track. But hey, the iTalc proxy service could do all the logging and even log usernames at the machine, which is a plus if you don't do ntlm auth.

    Just a thought.


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