Italc on Vista

  • daviodan daviodan

    I installed  Italc on Vista Bussines as master and client  but I encountered the following problems:
    When I use on master option "Lock all" on the client computers are appropriate windows but taskbar.Must to go to each client computer to confirm that the application actions. Why message does not appear in fullscreen? The same thing happens when you send a message.Window that appears a lock on the background appears only after the student confirm these ferestre.I wish to achieve blocking computer automatically without confirmation student.After confirmation by the student, on the master computer screen can see screen client.Without this  confirmation on client  does not see the pictures on master.
    Poyitiv is that we managed to stop all client computers from the master.I really like this program    
    and I hope to get some advice from you in solving this problem.

    • avanaut

      avanaut - 2009-07-21

      This does not happen on my Vista installation. It sounds like you have a firewall software (Norton?) popping up. iTALC, to the best of my knowledge, does not do this.

      Disable your firewall/antivirus and try again.

      • Connor Greer

        Connor Greer - 2009-07-21

        it works connected to a server and xp based system so i cant see it being a fire wall problem.

        i contacted tobias and he saying it because its not supporting vista yet.

    • avanaut

      avanaut - 2009-07-21

      No, Tobias wouldn't give Vista support because the product does not officially run on vista. However, I have gotten it to work mostly and so have others.

      I am never prompted in iTALC for confirmation to do something. I can lock my Vista workstations and also send messages to them. I have two masters, one is XP Pro and the other is WIndows Server 2000. All clients are Vista Business. iTALC cannot run as a service on Vista.

      Many firewalls do prompt when they sense a program trying to communicate on the network.

  • Andreas E

    Andreas E - 2010-01-08

    "No, Tobias wouldn't give Vista support because the product does not officially run on vista."

    So it does not? Well, then someone should finally correct the *FALSE* information on the german wiki:

    "iTALC läuft derzeit unter Linux und Windows 2000/XP/Vista."

    This is just not true.
    The english wiki has it correctly, with the "/Vista" bit omitted; but the german one has it wrong.

  • Andreas E

    Andreas E - 2010-01-08

    F'up: also the French, Norwegian and Italian wiki versions mention Vista as supported OS on their index page. It's a bad idea spreading information about unsupported OSes already on the index page.

  • Gaile

    Gaile - 2010-01-20

    Configured iTALC on Windows 7 if you need instructions reply to this-there is hope!  I'm busy on campus now but will be able to provide instructions.  It has to run in separate memory space!

  • jurgen

    jurgen - 2010-02-04

    tried it too, but the demomode did not seem to work…

  • Connor Greer

    Connor Greer - 2010-02-24

    i spoke to tobias about the vista/7 support and he thinks that it should be in Q3 or Q4 of this year (2010).

  • Andreas E

    Andreas E - 2010-02-25

    Q3? Hey, great.
    If only I wasn't working in an educational institution with HARDLY ANY budget!!
    That means, iTALC will be the only way out in order not to run into financial trouble.
    And Q3 is definitely too late!
    I'd even agree to be a beta tester (or, Tobias, even alpha tester if you insist!) even on our customer's machine to get things going. Just the thought of having to wait a freaking __6 months__ until we have anything to test seems a nightmare to me.

    The actual reason is that these guys absolutely want a *real-time* solution, i. e. the thought of just coding a primitive C/C++/Java channel which could at least store & preload static images is silly. (Yes even I could do that, LOL.) To get a real-time feel, this must be done __several times per second__ and there just is not any affordable commercial solution AFAICS, especially if you need a 150+ licence.

    Thus, I do hope I won't have to wait until fall.


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