Host unreachable with iTALC 2

  • Muttboy

    Muttboy - 2011-08-16

    I’ve been searching for a resolution to this but with iTALC 2 it seems almost as if I’m the only person experiencing this problem.

    If I install iTALC 2.0.0 (or iTALC 2 Release Candidate 1 or iTALC 2 Release Candidate 2) on the master computer, then all host computers show up as “Host unreachable”.  I have tested this as XP-master/XP-host, Win7-master/Win7-host & Win7-master/XP-host.

    Using the same 2 XP machines as mentioned above in the XP-master/XP-host scenario, if I install iTALC 1.0.13, it works perfectly.

    I was wondering if someone could explain what I am missing in the installation of iTALC 2 or point me in the direction of documentation which will explicitly show me how to install iTALC 2 and more importantly, get past the “Host unreachable” problem.


  • Showmaster

    Showmaster - 2011-08-16

    I'm very surprised, that there is a final release v2 since about 2 weeks??! - there was no annoucement.
    Back to your prob: I filed a bug some months ago targeting v2 and ultra vnc in conflict. my question: do you have ultra vnc (or maybe any other vnc solution?) installed on your pcs?
    the next thing maybe the firewall. does it work if you temporary switch it off?

  • Muttboy

    Muttboy - 2011-08-16

    Hi Showmaster,

    Thanks for your reply.  I was also surprised to see V2 as well as RC2 as on the website it only announces RC1.  It was only through searching for a resolution that I came across RC2 & V2.

    Upon your suggestions, I have performed the following on a Win7-master/XP-host:

    - Uninstalled UVNC from master computer & restarted.  No other VNC software exists on the master or the host.  Actually, on the setup I am testing on, both machines can also connect using LogMeIn, does this make a difference?  In any case, the scenario of the XP-master/XP-host, neither machine would have ever used LogMeIn.
    - Re-installed iTALC on the master, created a new key & imported the key into the host.  Restarted both computers.
    - Turned off the firewall of the master, the host computer’s firewall was already off.
    - Started iTALC but unfortunately, “Host unreachable” still exists.

    Other notes are:
    - The UVNC that was installed on the master worked.
    - The machines can ping each other.
    - I can RDP from the master to the host.

    Look forward to any other suggestions you may have.


  • Dirkie

    Dirkie - 2011-09-06

    I had the same problem
    I then activate the administrator acount on all my windows 7 64Bit Pc and made the Administrator password the same for all PC. Then I whent into the iTalc management console of all pc's and then to authentication, management permission, and ad the administrator user, then when i log into iTalc I use the administrater Acount.

  • Showmaster

    Showmaster - 2011-09-06

    Hello muttboy,
    I don't know how LogMeIn works. One thing you can check is your log file on the master and clients if there is something with strange.
    I found the problem with uvnc by using the process explorer by sysinternals. the effect was that the subprocesses of ica-service on master permanently gets killed and started again. you can easily see that on the red (killed process) and geen (started process) hover of ica.exe in the process list.
    But maybe LogMeIn shows other behaviour.
    the solution of diedericklotter is not the same like you want. afaik with that setting you have to enter user creds every time you start italc master - which is annoying  for me and all the teachers which use the app.

  • Muttboy

    Muttboy - 2011-09-22

    Thank you for your replies.  I tried the steps given by diedericklotter and iTALC now works.  So I'm guessing there is a rights issue with iTALC 2.0.  I will continue to play around with it & will post further comments as I come across things which may be of interest.

  • LeicTech

    LeicTech - 2012-02-04

    I'm trying to get italc2 running as a demo but am hitting the same problems.  I have a Windows 7 Pro (64bit) master computer and a Windows XP Pro (32bit) client computer.  Even having disabled all firewalls I can not get the master computer to see the client - all I get is the 'host unreachable' message.  Has anyone got a documented install that helps resolve this issue?  Thanks.

  • Chris Tucker

    Chris Tucker - 2012-05-25

    I was experimenting with a new iTALC 2.0.0 installation using an XP server and a Windows 7 64bit client, both running in a Domain.  I enabled key file authentication and disabled logon authentication.  I logged on to the iTALC server as domain administrator and after adding the client could only see host unreachable messages.  When I enabled hidden file and folders on the client and looked at the imported key file (under \ProgramData\iTALC\Keys\) the permissions on the file included Full Control for the local (machine) administrator, but none for any domain users.  I added permissions for the domain administrator with Full Control and now I can manage the client from the server.


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