Francis Clark - 2012-05-09

I have some low vision and blind friends/associates as well as myself (fully sighted) who may want to take a shot at iTALC provided it has been tested and used by other low vision/blind users as well as some others with other types of Impairments such as mobility/dexterity problems with mouse/keyboard and such. Has there been any feedback on this?
Also, how well does iTALC perform with remote students in other locations than where the teacher is? One such use would be an Assistive Technologies Instructor who would like to set up remote classrooms in her city and train/interact with others in other parts of the city and country. She teaches various levels of computer use in both Microsoft and Ubuntu for example. There could be a mix of the OSs in any classes for when teaching - say - Skype and other cross platform programs, so she would have to be able to set this up in and for both environments.
Would her screen readers be able to interpret from these different screens?