gcpl - 2012-02-01

Hello everyone:

I want to first say thanks to this wonderful community for helping me solve a FOG issue earlier on. I'm back with an iTalc issue that I hope I can find answers here.

I deployed iTalc 2.0 to Win7 Pro machines. All students on our domain uses a shared login (let's call it "student"). I use ACL authentication on the iTalc clients and added the domain users group. When the master machine logs in, the teacher uses a different domain login (let's call it "teacher"). However, this is the part where I'm confused, in order for the "teacher" domain login to see the "students," the teacher has to log into the iTalc using the "student" account. If the teacher uses the "teacher" domain login with iTalc, he can see the student machines but is unable to control them. The student machines will receive a pop-up message about connection confirmation from the teacher. However, even if the student grans access for the teacher to control the machine, it doesn't work, no connection is made.

I read somewhere that iTalc 2.0 does not allow mult-user login. I'm not sure if that is the problem that I'm running into. I thought as long as I'm using ACL authentication, if the username/password that I use can authenticate on the domain, it can see and control the student machines.

Thank you all for your help. Please let me know if you need more information.