Sebastiano - 2012-10-05

I'm trying to install it dashboard version 2.3, but I could not:
- I followed the information found in INSTALL.txt in the archive, but they seem generic and only for Drupal installation… so at the end I've only a working Drupal installation, without IT Dashboard integration (present in the template, but not working);
- I followed the wiki, but there is a reference to two files that are not present in the archive (itdashboard_app.sql and itdashboard_drupal . sql);
- I tried to use sql sample files as setup file from wiki instruction, but I received several errors in the steps required to configure the database;
- I searched for other documentation on 2.3, but without success.

Someone can help me to get it working, modify wiki installation step with updated information or upload sql files required to setup the database?