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Project Inactive

I don't have time to work on a web comic anymore, and while I did initially want to keep working on iStrip and updating it with new features and improvements, the fact is my time is increasingly being taken up with other projects and I only ever recieved a grand total of two donations for it so it simply doesn't seem worth my while to continue working on iStrip. I have decided nto to orphan the project for now for the time being but I don't think it's very likely that any further work is going to be done on the 1.x codebase. If a new version ever does appear it would be a complete rewrite, and that's probably only going to happen if it seems worthwhile for me to do so. Thanks for everyone who downloaded iStrip and spread the word and I am flattered to see a search on Google for the "powered by iStrip" string returns over 23000 hits, but its time to move on to other projects. I hope you guys who have become experts in workign with iStrip keep the support forums ticking over.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2006-09-03

iStrip 1.6.3 available

This version adds a new feature in the form of RSS feeds. It also fixes a minor security issues where visitors who were familiar with the workings of iStrip could potentially view post-dated strips and news entries. It also includes a new Smarty library and a few other tweaks and refinements.

If you make use of post-dated strips then it is recommended that up upgrade to this version.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2005-05-19

iStrip future

Some pelimary work has commenced on a next-generation version of iStrip. At the moment it is simply called iStrip 2 but there may be a name change at some point as the new version is planned to be much more advanced than the original, featuring an object-oriented approach, a database-driven back end and possibly a plugin architecture so that it can be taylored in terms of features as well as appearence. ... read more

Posted by Gordon McVey 2005-03-18

Please Donate

As you know, iStrip is an open-source project, and you will never be required to pay for the privilage of using it. However, if you wish to show your appreciation for all the effort I've put in, then please take the time to donate to this project. Simply click the "donate" button on the iStrip project page.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2005-03-03

iStrip 1.6.2 available

This is a bugfix release, it corrects some serious flaws instroduced in 1.6.1. All users of iStrip 1.6.1 are advised to upgrade immideately. iStrip 1.6.0 users are unaffected.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2005-01-14

iStrip 1.6.1 available

This is a minor bugfix release. The buildindex.php script should now work again as it should. The bundled Smarty library has been updated as well. Otherwise, this release is the same as 1.6.0

Posted by Gordon McVey 2004-11-29

Why it took so long

There were a few personal reasons why this release of iStrip took such a long time (Moving house and finding a new job among them), but the biggest bottleneck turned out to be writing the documentation. It took significantly longer to write the docs than it did to write iStrip. Therefore, I am now looking for someone to take over the maintainence of the docs. Please get in touch if you want to take the documentation over.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2004-09-30

iStrip 1.6.0 available

The long-awaited new release of iStrip is finally here. This version adds many new features, including the much-requested postdated strip uploading feature. Upgrade instructions are included in the documentation.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2004-09-30

iStrip 1.6.0 further progress

The new iStrip code is complete and been debugged and doesn't exhibit any unexpected behaviour under testing. Several presentation issues and some utility scripts still need some work but the coding is more or less complete now.

The new release is really being held up by the documentation. There are quite a few new features and I had recieved complaints about the old docs so I am currently rewriting the documentation and the online help. This is proving to be a real chore and taking far longer than expected. ... read more

Posted by Gordon McVey 2004-06-04

iStrip 1.6.0 progress

The new version of iStrip with many additions is now nearly complete and is currently under test. However, the documentation is holding up the release of this new version as both the manual and the online help is being extensivly re-written and extended.

Version 1.6.0 will feature a great many enhancements that are intended to make it easier to use. The two biggest additions will be an automated installation system that will take care of most of the setting up of iStrip, and an intergrated user authentication system which will eliminate the dependance on your webserver's authentication systems and the need to set up .htpasswd protection of the admin pages. There will also be several other tweaks and improvements, including some performance tweaks

Posted by Gordon McVey 2004-01-27

iStrip 1.5.1 available

This new release is a maintainence release, with an update to the Smarty libs being the biggest change. There are also some minor tweaks.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-12-20

iStrip 1.5.0 available

This release features some big changes, namely now you can use any template var that you could on your index page on any other page of your site as well. This opens up all kinds of new possibilities, like having optional low-bandwidth layouts or printer friendly versions or having the strip and the news on different pages.

There are also various other improvements, such as nesting of strips by year and a backup/restore system fro the strip index file.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-11-03

Fixed iStrip 1.4.0 available

The original release of iStrip 1.4.0 has been removed and replaced with the patched cp_manage.tpl file already installed. If you have already downloaded and installed the version with the faulty tpl file then download the patch file from the iStrip 1.4.0 download page or from the patch tracker.

If you have a version of iStrip prior to 1.4.0 or haven't used iStrip before then there is no need to download the patch now as this reissue has already had the patch applied.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-10-29

IMPORTANT! iStrip 1.4.0 bug

There is a bug in iStrip 1.4.0 that will prevent strips from being uploaded if there are 0 strips in the archive. A resolution has been included in the patch tracker and has also been made available via the File Release System. To fix the problem download the patch and replace your existing cp_manage.tpl file with the one in the archive. The only version of iStrip affected is 1.4.0 - No other versions of iStrip are affected. Applying this patch to an unaffected version of iStrip could have dire consequences.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-10-29

iStrip home page has moved

I have decided that the system Sourceforge uses for updating website files is just too awkward to work with on a website of any real complexity. As a result of this I have moved the iStrip website to and the Sourceforge page will no longer be updated.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-10-23

iStrip 1.4.0 available

This release now includes a tool for migrating over from other methods of publishing your webcomic strips to iStrip. The tool is called buildindex.php and can be found in the tools directory.

Also, the addstrip and manage scripts and associated files have been consolidated into a single file and several other bugfixes and tweaks have been implemented.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-10-21

iStrip demo banners

As I'm sure the banner system may be causing some confusion I've decided to put up a package containing some demo banners. Just upload the images in the archive to your content/banners directory, visit your homepage and hit refresh a few times. If you are using a theme with banner support (both the demo and minimalist themes support banners and the banner template code is supplied in the componants directory of the package) you will see what banners are all about. :)

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-10-18

iStrip 2/pro?

I am currently toying with the idea of developing a new version of iStrip which supports multiple users and is driven by a MySQL database instead of a flat file. As I've never done any database programming before this should prove an interesting and useful experience. I've not done any work on this at all yet and am only vaugely thinking of the features it would include (multiple users who can post news and/or strips, more than 1 strip posted per day, etc) but if you have any ideas then I have set up an iStrip 2 section in the feature requests section for you to post ideas.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-09-13

iStrip 1.3.1 available, more on copyright

This version includes a new component toolkit to make your life easier building templates for your site and a simplified preferences page to make iStrip easier to configure. I've also worked on the documentation in an attempt to try and make it a bit more helpful and comprehensive. Additionally there are some minor bug fixes and improvements, espicially to the Javascript used to preview strips and news items. ... read more

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-09-12

The copyright string

Please, please, PLEASE don't remove the copyright string or the code that implements it. I worked hard on a package that you're getting forfree. A little recognition isn't too much to ark, surely.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-07-22

iStrip 1.3.0 available

The main attractions in this new release include an all new online help system for the agmin pages. There is also a new script for checking the integraty of the iStrip file structure, some extra settings to help overcome some server-side permission problems and the usual minor bug fixes.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-06-19

iStrip 1.2.2 available

New version. Download. Nuff said.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-06-06

iStrip documentation online

A copy of the iStrip documentation has been put online at so you can read it without having to download the iStrip package. This documentation is identical to the documentation provided in the archive, with the exception that the GPL and LGPL licenses aren't reproduced online.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-05-19

iStrip 1.2.1 available

This release fixes a few bugs here and there and adds some minor features.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-05-19

iStrip 1.2.0 available

This version replaces the template generation system with the Smarty (2.5.0) template rendering library, making it at least 50% more funky. You will have to do some reworking of your templates but believe me, the Smarty engine's features make it more than worth it.

Posted by Gordon McVey 2003-05-14