#24 File selection by folder


It would be very useful to allow users to auto-select all the files in a particular folder to be included in an installation.
My idea is to split the files and folders section into two different sections "files" and "folders".
The purpose of the files section would then be to allow users to select single files, or group of files, independently from the subfolder they're in.
The folders section purpose would be to allow users to select folders, in order to have the compiler to recover the list of all the files in those particular folders.


Let's suppose that we have a simple application with this structure:
a folder ("MyAPP") is to be installed under "Program Files".
This folder should contain the EXE file, an "Image" folder which will contain jpg images and a "Library" folder which will contain dlls.
In the source folder we may have some source files we don't want to be included in the Setup, and therefore we will add the EXE file only in the "Files"
The Image and Library folders could be subject to changes while developing the application - since we may need to add more jpgs or dlls.
If we had a folders section, we could just tell IStools to insert in our setup all the files present in the Image and Library folders, without need to add/remove files every time the contents of these folders change.


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