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0.6.13 released

Version 0.6.13 has been released on

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2005-11-13

0.6.9 released

Please read the press release here:

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2005-06-17

0.6.4 Release released

For more information please go to and read the whole press release there

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2005-03-08

Lots of changes

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2003-04-02

IssueTrackerProduct advanced new features. Please discuss.

If you haven't received this email, please read it and give us some feedback.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2003-02-03

IssueTrackerProduct Survey

Please see the announcement on <a href=""></a>

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2003-01-17

Ability to prevent cache

If you install the latest CVS version and redeploy the StandardLook object, you can prevent caching from happening. See the Stop cache property in the Properties tab.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2003-01-09

Ability to change an issues properties

Thanks to Robert Allyns suggestion about being able to change the properties of an issue *after* it has been created. This has now been implemented into the latest CVS release.

To start using it, go to the Properties tab of an issue tracker and notice the property called "Allow issue attribute change". Change that to true.
Then go to any issue where you are a Manager, and notice the little "change these" link. Explore!... read more

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2003-01-09

Great many improvements and fixes

NOTE!! When installing the latest version, make sure to Completely Re-deploy Standards so that you get the latest Send2Friends_script object.

The latest fixes are that of an error when creating a new Issue Tracker instance with name_cookiekey.

Preview of followups now work when anonymous.

Interface has lost the gifs to improve speed. Gifs are usably good, but speedy pages better.

Tell-a-friend implemented where you also can preview what the email is gonna look like.... read more

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-12-09

Searching by Issue ID

In the latest CVS version you can now search by issue id. If you search for say "0016" (assuming this returns nothing on the search of other things) and "0016" is the id of an existing issue, it takes you there without showing a search result first.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-10-03

File attachments

You can now add file attachments to issues. The latest changes are in CVS and is considered alpha.
It works pretty well but can cause trouble if refreshing the IE browser.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-09-23

Control email dispatching with new property

In CVS I've just now added a feature that sets a property on whether you want notifications to be sent out or not.
With this boolean property off, notification objects are created just like before except that the dispatcher.html object is never called.

This is outmost useful if you use the issuetracker a lot and don't want to wait the extra time for emails to be sent out. What you do instead is that you set some sort of cron job or whatever pointing to "dispatcher.html".... read more

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-09-12

AddFollowup gets big improvement

Have updated the templates considerably just to get one little important feature, namely to have the comment field in focus after you press the "Add followup" or "Open" or "Take" etc. button.
Before you had to set the focus manually with the mouse before you start typing.

You'll need to refresh the StandardLook object for this to work after you have downloaded the latest CVS version.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-09-10

HighlightQ() bug fixed

A bad bug in the HighlightQ() method (used for displaying search results) has been fixed. Only in CVS.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-09-09

Improved email sending

The latest release (0.4.5b) has some major improvements as to sending out emails. This goes especially for notifications which I fear didn't work before.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-09-05

Improved search

The search feature has been implemented (in CVS release). Check it out but please make sure you have the latest version of the stylesheet.css object.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-09-02

Up and running with CVS

Now all frontier development will be via CVS. I'll make sure zipped things are taken down from CVS regularly though.

Posted by Peter Bengtsson 2002-09-02

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