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Site updates and 3.1.0 screens

I know it isn't much but i have been trying to get 3.1.0 done i have some signs of progress which include the export wizard and some other new tricks that iSQL-Viewer does.

Also some site updates; i hope to have some binaries soon. Code unfortunately is still a bit unstable.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2008-02-07

Version 3.0.1 Released

Today iSQL-Viewer 3.0.1 has been released and made available for download to address some minor issues with the 3.0.0 release including bug #1732394.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2007-06-14

SVN commits this evening.

SVN commits have been made to address some minor issues with iSQL-Viewer 3.0.0. In particular bug 1732394 has been fixed as far as i can tell.
Some other small UI things have been corrected as well.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2007-06-07

iSQL-Viewer 3.0.1 Release Date

iSQL-Viewer will be released on Wednesday June 13th, 2007. In order to address some issues that have arisen out of the 3.0.0 release.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2007-06-06

iSQL-Viewer 3.0.0 Released

Well after a long drought in activity. I am pleased to announce that iSQL-Viewer 3.0.0 is now officially available for download. Though this release does not have all of the features of its former self. This release serves to be more stable and usable then its predecessors.

Please download and enjoy. Please also note that all application bundles now come with an iSQL-Viewers guide PDF. If you do not have a PDF viewer the users guide can be viewed online at the following address.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2007-06-03

SVN Updates this evening.

Added the Mac OS X launcher code under the isql-mrj sub-project in SVN.
Plus various UI tweaks and processing improvements; and added missing files. My apologies for those that may have actually checked source code out of SVN.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2007-05-17

More SVN Updates 3.0 development wrapping up

Sorry again for many delays but i am working on getting release 1 of 3.0 ready for public consumption.

Download from SVN and have fun.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2007-04-30

SVN updates and binaries now available.

Have completed some more basic work on the iSQL code-base and have built some pre-packaged distributable downloads are now available.

I hope those who try it out enjoy some of the changes, as always any feedback is appreciated.

Until next time

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-07-20

More SVN Updates Binary Builds Coming Soon

Got a lot in the past few commits to SVN. The JDBC browsing is much more cleaner and responsive and more functionality is being worked in. It is almost to a usable point on a day to day basis, so binary builds will be coming soon.

Thank you for your patience.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-06-13

More SVN Updates

Slowly but surely I am getting stuff done, I added a pretty good update this evening which shows off the new wizard system i have built and general process for making a query execute is mostly done.

I will continue to keep things going as much as I can thank you for your patience.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-05-31

SVN updates and general status.

Updated the SVN repository again, this past couple weeks been working on making a better wizard. This last commit is mainly what is the lion share of the update. I am getting more and more of the foundation down for the application. Soon the application will start to look more like itself in a new way. I would expect in the coming weeks for more 'official' releases in sourceforge as the code continues to stabilize itself. ... read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-04-24

More SVN Updates and new beta-builds are available.

More SVN commits, the application is starting to build very nicely again, as core functionality begins to build. At this point the application is primarily functional and can be used for general query, schema browsing functions.

beta-builds are now available at the web-site
Windows Installer
Mac OS X
Linux RPM read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-04-09

More SVN Updates and a new ScreenShot.

Updates to the SVN repository have been made; I will try to be doing about once a week commits. Any feedback or suggestions are always welcome.

I have also uploaded a new screenshot to the site to show the basic layout and some working functionality.

Until next time.

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-03-27

New version (3.0.0) checked into SVN

I have gotten what is most of the initial re-working of iSQL-Viewer after an unfortunately long down time.

I have decided to take this project in to a forward direction again, and this marks the start of a new path for this project. I hope that with some who will be curious to see what has developed will provide feedback. read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-03-07


I am working on getting new code into CVS here soon
since it is structurally different than that of the 2.x.x code-base I am waiting on some support requests with Sourceforge. The new version which will be the start of the 3.x.x branch

I sincerely apologize for the extended downtime this project has experienced. It has occurred for many reasons however things are improving once again and I am able to continue my work. I appreciate everyones support through this mostly void time. I assure you that it won't be in vain.... read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2006-02-23

Down but not out.

Hello, this is kind of a news post to let all users who actually will read this that though iSQL-Viewer has not been actively developed for quite sometime. Fret not that development has been restarted.

I thank everyone for their patience through this down-time.

look forward to good things in the future :)

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2005-10-12

Hotfix 'A' in CVS for garbled bookmarks issue

please refer to bug
for more information on this issue and how to fix it.


Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2004-10-19

Version 2.1.8 Released

Hello all it's a time for a long overdue release of iSQL-Viewer.

This update will include a new website design thanks to Lakshmi Natarajan for the help
and to Piotr Kr?glickifor doing the original design.

Also for those who are wondering, Yes I do plan on adding support for the JDK 5.0 in
future releases as time permits. Once the JDK 5.0 is more widespread, mainly available
on Mac OS X then I will probably then make a more of a push to make it take more advantage
of the new changes in the JDK 5.0. If anyone would like to test on the new JDK i would
be interested to hear of your results, I have gotten iSQL-Viewer to run on the betas runtimes.... read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2004-10-04

iSQL-Viewer v2.1.7 Released

Version 2.1.7 is officially out and ready for download. Despite the numerous
issues that existed in 2.1.6 this hopes to be another step in the right
direction. If you experienced the import/export bug or the SQLException
that caused query failures for some of the newer JDBC Drivers. I really
really apologize for that and I can assure that those problems have been

I would also like to encourage those to see a new & noteworthy inspired
from the eclipse project to show screen shots of particular enhancements
and new features where it may or may not be clear in the changelog pages. read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2004-01-27

iSQL-Viewer v2.1.6 Released

iSQL(IndependentSQL)-Viewer is a JDBC 2.0-compliant application that is designed to exploit JDBC Features for all compliant drivers. Support for Interactive Transactions, Running Batches, Schema Viewing, and support for various import and export filters.

Version 2.1.6 is officially out and ready for download. This version is fairly stable however there are some new features that need some time to stabilize with a bit more usage. I am however marking it as a beta release for this reason. I do recommend upgrading to this version as a lot of the core functionality has been given a nice stable kick in the pants, figuratively speaking of course.... read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2003-09-23

iSQL-Viewer v2.1.5 Relased

After much time a stable milestone for iSQL-Viewer is now been reached.
This release will also mark a very stable milestone for my code such that a lot of the
core functionality as being an SQL console is pretty solid now, and I can focus on features
to compliment this core. This includes things like a live table editor which is probably the
most requested feature. Along with new tools I intended to create a better environment for
people to write small plugins to do specific tasks, such I hope that iSQL-Viewer will become
useful in ways I never thought conceived of.... read more

Posted by Markus A. Kobold 2003-06-05

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