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ISPMan 1.4 released

ISPMan 1.4 is released and available for download.

With several release candidates of ISPMan 1.3 we now have wrapped everything together in a official 1.4 build.
It contains many bugfixes and some interesting new features. Be sure to have a thorough look at the RELEASE_NOTES, INSTALL and UPGRADING docs.

Posted by Joerg Delker 2009-01-01

ISPMan was added to FreeBSD ports

Today ISPMan was added to FreeBSD ports. So, if you want to install ISPMan on a FreeBSD environment, you can do it in a comfortable way:

# /usr/ports/sysutils/ispman && make install

Thanks a lot to Denis Shaposhnikov for his maintainance effort of that port!

See also:

Posted by Andreas John 2008-01-13

ISPMan Debian Packages

Today the ./debian dir on the cvs was nearly completely replaced. To create .debs from after a cvs checkout simply enter the ./debian dir and use dpkg-buildpackage. The resulting .debs are versioned 1.3-2 by now. Thanks to Tim Peeler for the initial work on 1.3-1!
We'll provide ready-made .debs and a Debian repository soon, meanwhile you could use one mentioned here: read more

Posted by Andreas John 2007-02-11

Our Ohloh Project Summary!

Now Ohloh scans the ISPMan CVS on and gives us a better overview about the project's activity:

@Pedro: Nice catch, that tool. I didn't know about that one! Greetings, derjohn

Posted by Andreas John 2007-01-19

A new approach to a customer panel / alpha release available

s0undt3ch was so kind to create a new customer panel from groud up. As he is a Python fan, the new panel is written in Python and makes use of a perl-in-phyton wrapper, to access the ISPMan perl modules. The panel is a state of the art web application as it uses AJAX.

You can have a look at some screenshots or you can test the real thing.
Password: demo... read more

Posted by Andreas John 2006-11-24

Service added: pastebin

We recently added a 'pastebin' service to make IRC support even better. This avoids flooding on the IRC: You can paste your config snippets to the pastebin.
The URL is:

Posted by Andreas John 2006-07-25

ISPMan Wiki

We created a wiki for the ISPMan project. I hope the community will share knowledge on the wiki, so if you have somewhing to contribute,dont hesitate to do so! The wiki is in the 'startup phase', so we hope there will be interesting stuff there soon!

Posted by Andreas John 2006-06-25

ISPMan 1.3rc2 released

ISPMan 1.3 (Release Candidate 2) is available for download.

It contains a significant amount of bugfixes and enhancements. Especially the upgrade procedure should be easier now (please see docs/UPGRADING).
So give it a try!

Let us know of any problems you have with it.

Posted by Joerg Delker 2006-06-07 CVS change - notice for ISPMan 1.2/1.3-rc1 users

Important Notice

Sourceforge changed the DNS address of the cvs servers. The DNS
name was for every project until they changed that
to individual DNS names on a per project basis. So for ISPMan you have to choose

If you have an already installed source directory you wish to update to
cvs, you have to change the name like this:

# find . -type f -name Root -print0 | xargs -0 perl -pi -e 's/cvs\.sourceforge/ispman\.cvs\.sourceforge/'... read more

Posted by Andreas John 2006-06-06

ISPMan 1.3 in sight

After hunting down tons of small bugs we even started to implement new features. Therefore we decided to publish a release candidate 2, before ISPMan 1.3 will come out.

Some highlights:
- SPF support in the DNS setup: Support for that new spam-protection system
- Cyrus virtual domain support: POP/IMAP logins in the form of user@domain.tld instead of user_domain_tld
- AWStats support: New form of weblog/stats visualisation
- Improved support of shell tools: You can do everything from the commandline if you like (GUIs are for wimps :))

Posted by Andreas John 2006-06-06

developers wanted

Hi, I am currently looking for developers to implement a proxy module for ispman. This module will act as a POP3 and IMAP multiplexer. ie, it will sit on front end mailservers ( and will proxy the request to the read server eg( according to the information from LDAP.


User aghaffar logs in to runs the proxy software and requests the LDAP server for maildrophost attribute for uid=aghaffar and either redirects to that server or sends commands to that server on user's behalf.... read more

Posted by Atif Ghaffar 2000-08-14