A new approach to a customer panel / alpha release available

s0undt3ch was so kind to create a new customer panel from groud up. As he is a Python fan, the new panel is written in Python and makes use of a perl-in-phyton wrapper, to access the ISPMan perl modules. The panel is a state of the art web application as it uses AJAX.

You can have a look at some screenshots or you can test the real thing.

Username: ccp.ufsoft.org
Password: demo

Screens: http://ccp.ufsoft.org/screens/
The bleeding egde download URL:
(UPDATE: alpha2 is out since 12/12/2006) http://python.org/pypi/ISPManCCP/0.0.1alpha2

Project site:

Thanks s0undt3ch for the great work!

Posted by Andreas John 2006-11-24

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