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iso2mesh 0.8.0 stable is released

more robust surface extraction utility, direct mesh generation from gray-scale images (implicit functions etc), convenient shortcuts, more complete documentations and tons of bug fixes. Get it from

Posted by FangQ 2009-05-07

iso2mesh is now GNU Octave compatible

by 12/05/2008, the CVS version of iso2mesh is compatible with GNU Octave. Users now have another completely "free" (in both freedom and beer) solution for 3D mesh generation.

Posted by FangQ 2008-12-08

fast isosurface extraction alternative

binsurface: fast (triangular/rectangular) iso-surface extraction, producing well-behaved surface

Posted by FangQ 2008-12-08

new function added to cvs

qmeshcut: fast tetrahedral mesh cross-sectional plot

Posted by FangQ 2008-12-08

old news: iso2mesh 0.5.1 is ready

[2008/11/08] iso2mesh v0.5.1 is now ready for download, providing supports to GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS platforms.

Posted by FangQ 2008-12-08