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development temporarily halted

Development of ISG Tools has been temporarily halted as I am no longer with Charter Communications and I don't have a uBR laying around to test/develop future versions.

If you can think of any way to help, feel free to email me:

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-06-22

Minor bug in 0.0.3

There is a minor bug which could cause multiple or unused ubr flaplists to be emailed out.

The fix is really simple, remove all of the text files from flap/results/ (or /flap/results/ if you installed in the default location)


Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-05-03

ISG Tools 0.0.3 RELEASED

05.01.02 / v0.0.3
* fixed bug w/long ip address searches in the ip search and
historical ip search scripts
* fixed minor bug w/signal indicator code
* added support for up 50 uBRs
* eliminated errors attributed to unused/unconfigured ubrs
* removed several non-standard command line switches (java binary)
* added support for user/pass as well as plain password logins
* updated documentation (read this if you've had any installation issues)
* added word .doc and .html versions of the new (end)users guide

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-05-01


I have been working on 0.0.3 most of the weekend and I expect to release it sometime next week. I am working on expanding support for 50 ubrs and I may possibly look into better support for routers that are using a username/password login..

I'm thinking that the issue a user was having with getting isg tools to run was partly because of the scripts not stripping some of the addtional output created by the routers because they are configured for a username/pw login.... read more

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-04-28

Docs / 0.0.3

0.0.3 is not too far down the road.. I've decided to include the word .doc users guide with that release. I am also working with the developer of docsdiag to possibly get a custom command line switch to use in order to speed up the modem search.. I'll post all the details and such in the next week or so ;)


Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-04-26


I am in the process of creating a new word .doc that has a basic rundown of the scripts that are included and the output they display. It will have some information on the backend scripts but I'm probably going to gear this towards the end user who is using the scripts rather than the administrator who is installing them.

I'll have it all posted up tomorrow evening sometime.


Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-04-19

ISG Tools 0.0.2a RELEASED

The biggest news about the 0.0.2a release is the self serve cgi that uses the HTTP_REFERER cgi envioriment variable and does an ipsearch using that address and then passes the modem the ip is behind to a customer oriented simple language modem search. If the ip isn't found behind any monitored modems it will display an error w/the ip address. This doesn't work behind cable/dsl routers, gateways, proxys, anonymizers, hardware firewalls, etc.. The output is fairly simple and only includes the most basic information such as mac addresses and ip's. If there are over 30 flaps on the previous days or todays flaplist it displays one of 3 warning messages with a user defined error contact line and questions contact line. In distribution form it also allows customers to clear their own hosts off of the routers.. It uses the numbering convention 1-10 and the mac address of the nic to clear so it should be fairly safe. Also no variables need to be passed to the modemtest script so it should reduce the risk of any kind of intrusions or other issues that could be associated with a public cgi script. I found a few bugs and literally created the above script overnight and that's what prompted such an early release.. The config file has changed because of the script addition, it's still the same smooth installation as 0.0.2 though!

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-04-16

ISG Tools 0.0.2a

ISG Tools 0.0.2a will be released sometime this week to address a typo I found in the flaplist script and some made feature improvements and additions to the package. All the details will come with the release.. It may be in the next day or two, it will definately be by week end.

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-04-16

ISG Tools v0.0.2 RELEASED

v0.0.2 has finally been released!

read the changes section at:
for all the details..

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-04-13

ISG Tools v0.0.2 update / docsdiag

I have just about got the relase ready to go.. The installation and configuration in the new version will be a breeze (and it will actually work)..

In other news Robin Walker [] the creator of DocsDiag ( has given me permission to distribute his fine little app with future releases of ISG Tools.. DocsDiag (docsdiag.jar) is used widely throughout the cgi scripts for getting live information from the modem. Many thanks to Robin for giving me the OK.... read more

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-04-06


I'm in the process of converting some of the scripts to perl and I have resolved several bugs. Right now the configuration script and some of the cgi scripts have some bugs.

Look for v0.0.2 in the next couple weeks..

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-03-15

ISG Tools v0.0.1 RELEASED

Version 0.0.1 has been released.

Check the release notes @:
for a detailed description of the package and it's features.

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-02-14

Screenshots of Modem Search Results Posted

Screenshots of the Modem Search Results have been posted. Download at will ;)

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-02-14

Sourceforge Site Created

I have applied for and been approved for this sourceforge site. The inital release will be published in a couple of days. I'm working on the documentation and installation script.

Posted by Rob Koliha 2002-02-12

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