On Jul 30, 2008, at 9:16 PM, "Bradley" <me_funkyb@kentbrockman.org> wrote:


I want to set up a Windows Server 2008 Cluster using one iSCSI Target with two LUNs. iSCSI initiator successfully connected to my iSCSI-Target server, and the two LUNs appear in Disk Management as expected. Partitioning and formating was successful, too.

When I start Failover Cluster Management and Validate a Configuration the "Validate SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation" fails with the message "Failed to Register PR key for cluster disk 0 from node nodename.fqdn status 1 - Cluster Disk 0 does not support Persistent Reservation".


Looking around a bit it seems that the Linux iSCSI target packages (IET, etc.) do not support SCSI-3 persistent reservations which Windows 2008 needs.


Is this supported and I am just missing something? Or are there any plans to add support anytime in the future?

Well IET currently doesn't support persistent reservations we do plan on supporting it in the not too distant future.

When exactly though I can't say.


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