Hi Team,
I am trying to interface the IET iscsi target with our Raid core.  I hacked the disk_execute_cmnd to send the SCSI CDB's to RaidCore insted of File-IO/Block-IO.  when iSCSI Target receives a write command, the write SCSI CDB is given to the RAID Core, The RAID Core comes back with the SG List for the write command.  I copy the data content(Using memcpy) from tio->pvec[i] into the SGList and create a response PDU and send it across. 
I am able to get some 1800 writes after that the initiators starts sending some Task Manegemnt commands to the Target(I am feeling that the memcpy has taken longer time so i am getting the Task Mgmt command), I looked at the FILE IO interface for READ/WRITE and in the function fileio_make_request, the existing code does generic_file_read/generic_file_write which eventually do the memcpy itself.
Can someone put some light on what might be going wrong?
Thanks in advance.