On 11/30/2012 3:50 PM, Eric wrote:
Thanks, Steffen for sharing your documentation.

But what I need, at this stage, is more general information/recommendations about configuring+using IET. e.g.,
One tip there.  Careful in selecting your SCSI device descriptor ID as it's something like the first 8 or 16 bytes that you'll want to ensure is unique so that two devices don't collide as the trailing part of the descriptor can get cropped.   Similarly if you have a long IQN you'll find that platforms like XenServer will crop it after a certain length so you'll want the unique part of the IQN string to follow just after the first ':' or you may have IQNs collide.

Thanks, again!

Eric Pretorious
Truckee, CA

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Subject: [Iscsitarget-devel] Getting started with IET: iSCSI Best Practices?

I'm very new to SAN coniguration/administration and need guidance properly configuring IET.

Is there a best practices guide available for IET (or iSCSI, in general)?

Eric Pretorious,
Truckee, CA


I have done a lot of work with IET and building frameworks around it to make things admin friendly including backup and restores. Have a look at https://www3.amherst.edu/~swplotner/iscsitarget/. We have currently deployed 128TB of IET storage.


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