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Practical ISCS release sports true Network Access Control

The ISCS team is pleased to announce the first practically usable release of its Network Access Control system. Use of the current release no longer requires extensive knowledge of ISCS internals.

ISCS provides true Network Access Control to complement more traditional Network Admission Control technologies. ISCS creates a FirePipe rather than a FireWall, i.e., admitted users can go nowhere on the network without a pipe between themselves and the destination resource. No explicitly granted pipe, no access. If there is a security breach in the pipe, it is contained in the pipe - no escalation of privileges.... read more

Posted by John A. Sullivan III 2008-07-18

Latest ISCS supports SecureComputing SG series firewalls

Release of the Integated Secure Communications System (ISCS) project has added support for the low end, sash based SG570 from SecureComputing (CyberGuard). This completes the planned support for off-the-shelf SecureComputing SG devices. ISCS now supports all devices SG565 and higher.

The latest release also adds support for creating new Resources under existing Services. Resources are a foundational concept in ISCS and one of the most important reasons why it is so much more efficient than the most expensive network security frameworks.... read more

Posted by John A. Sullivan III 2006-12-29

New ISCS release addresses vaporizing net security perimeter

ISCS (Integrated Secure Communications System) has added major new functionality in its 0.0.6 release. ISCS allows organizations to deploy compartmentalized, multi-layered security-in-depth to internal networks in a simple, affordable, manageable, highly granular yet scalable manner using existing open source tools and/or off-the-shelf security appliances - in other words, it helps you better utilize the tools you may already have. It is one answer to the problem of the disappearing security perimeter.... read more

Posted by John A. Sullivan III 2006-11-03

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