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isar (Interactive Search And Replace) is a tool to search and replace text in interactive mode via linux shell.
isar support recursive search in directory, regex and colorized output.
It's written in C++ using boost library.

You can use
1. precompiled binary file or
2. compile program yourself


If you have a Linux running on x86_64 you can download precompiled version from


This is precompiled version for processor x86 at 64 bit.

For use precompiled version, download the file and just copy in directory included in your PATH as /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin.


2.1. Ckeck prerequisite

For compile the tool, you must have installed:
- gcc
- glib
- make

Check the presence of these programs and install in case of missing using package manager of your distribution.

2.2. Download isar souce code

Download isar souce code from https://sourceforge.net/p/isartool/code/ci/master/tree/ clicking on button "Download snapshot".
Extract the file, for example in /tmp/isartool-code directory:

unzip -d /tmp/ isartool-code.zip

2.3 Check boost libs

Most Linux distro, contains a boost libs already installed.
You can check the presence of boost libs with these commands:

ldconfig -p | grep libboost_filesystem
ldconfig -p | grep libboost_regex

If last command locate libs, you can skip step 2.3.1 othewise you must prepare boost libs.

2.3.1 Prepare boost libs

Download the boost libs from http://sourceforge.net/projects/boost/files/latest/download
Extract the file, for example running in folder /tmp/boost_1_54

tar -C /tmp/ -xvjf boost_1_54.tar.bz2

Build bjam tool

For make bjam tool (a metacompiler for compiling boost libs), enter to /tmp/boost_1_54 and run:

cd /tmp/boost_1_54/

An executable called b2 must be appear in the /tmp/boost_1_54/ directory

Compile boost libs

You can generate the boost libs as shared libs or static libs

Generate shared libs:

./b2 libs/regex/build
./b2 libs/filesystem/build
./b2 libs/system/build

Generate static libs:

./b2 link=static libs/regex/build
./b2 link=static libs/filesystem/build
./b2 link=static libs/system/build

Copy libs and header

First, create the destination folder for libs and header:

mkdir /tmp/isartool-code/lib
mkdir /tmp/isartool-code/lib/include

After you can copy libs and header.

Copy libs:
You can found libs inner following folder:

  • /tmp/boost_1_54/bin.v2/libs/regex/build/(NAME_OF_YOUR_COMPILER)
  • /tmp/boost_1_54/bin.v2/libs/system/build/(NAME_OF_YOUR_COMPILER)
  • /tmp/boost_1_54/bin.v2/libs/filesystem/build/(NAME_OF_YOUR_COMPILER)

If you have generated shared libs:
Copy in /tmp/isartool-code/lib the following libs:

  • libboost_regex.so.1.54.0
  • libboost_system.so.1.54.0
  • libboost_filesystem.so.1.54.0

If you have generated static libs:
Copy in /tmp/isartool-code/lib the following libs:

  • libboost_regex.a
  • libboost_system.a
  • libboost_filesystem.a

Copy header:

cp -R /tmp/boost_1_54/boost /tmp/isartool-code/lib/include

2.4 Compile isar

For compile isar using shared libs, enter in /tmp/boost_1_54/

cd /tmp/boost_1_54/

and run:

make -f makefile.lin.dynamic

For compile isar using static libs, enter in /tmp/boost_1_54/

cd /tmp/boost_1_54/

and run:

make -f makefile.lin.static


Enter in /tmp/boost_1_54/ folder

cd /tmp/boost_1_54/

For show the help, run


For launching isar in everyplace of filesystem, copy isar in /usr/bin folder:

cp /tmp/boost_1_54/bin/isar /usr/bin

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