#124 advance 2D image manipulation directly to IImage (Software)

video (38)

advance 2D image manipulation. draw directly to IImage (Software) or ITexture (Hardware)

needed methods

- subImage ( core::position2di, core::dimension2du)
- fill
- drawLine (Software Bresenham)
- drawPoint
- drawRect
- drawBox ( 4x Colors with linear filling gradient)
- drawCircle ( Bresenham)
- drawPath ( core::array<core::vector2d<T>>, video::SColor, f32 thickness, u16 linestipple, s32 faktor) --> OpenGL
- pasteImage ( video::IImage* img, core::position2di pos, core::dimension2du size, bool transparent, video::SColor keyColor)
- integrated toTexture/ toImage converter
- getPixel / setPixel

for Basics

more better a vector based 2d/3d Canvas with save as SVG and renderable to any rasterimagedimesnion,

render should be hardware accelerated --> divide render into fitting textureTargetRenderSizes and paste together at the end to create final IImage

just my opinion, i try this my own, and ask for implementation


  • Christian Stehno

    Please note that many things are already possible. Also, discuss this type of extension on the forum, There's not enough space and flexibility here.
    BTW: We won't support SVG export. Irrlicht is a 3d render engine...

  • Christian Stehno

    • priority: 5 --> 2

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