Sometimes i really dont understand a word

  • Daniel Dekker

    Daniel Dekker - 2003-08-12

    Hmm, if i mostly read these forums, my ears start to wave, from not understanding what u guys talk about, i'm just a noob with no experience at all. but its always fun to learn, and perhaps i should ask more often what you guys talk about but it makes me feel so noobish(wich i am anyway).

    but its time i gonna do something about my own project again, it has been idle-ing

    • Nikolaus Gebhardt

      Maybe one reason for your not-understanding is my bad english. ;)

    • Daniel Dekker

      Daniel Dekker - 2003-08-12

      no, its not the english :) (i've read/heard way worse, and i'm not perfect myself :P )

      but if its about transformation matrix for instance, i dont get that. so its more like the programming part :)

      but i'm still trying to learn, and maybe someone has some good resources except for books where i could learn from

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      The tutorials on and are a good place to start from.

    • Daniel Dekker

      Daniel Dekker - 2003-08-13

      ok, i'll start looking there, thanks :)