lirc_mod_poll(): lirc read returned error

  • Binaryblade

    Binaryblade - 2005-08-19

    I get the following error upon loading irmp3d
    "lirc_mod_poll(): lirc returned read error"
    lirc is working fine irexec performs what it's supossed to and irmp3 works fine with manual commands.

    • Jeremy rosen

      Jeremy rosen - 2005-08-19


      could you please check if lirc is still running after that message has been printed ?

      could you also check if the user launching irmp3d has the correct permissions to use lirc ?



    • Binaryblade

      Binaryblade - 2005-08-25

      Yeah I got it lircd was cutting out on me config file error but now I have a different problem, none of the mixer controls work they were working before in debian but I changed over to CORE and now they don't

      • Jeremy rosen

        Jeremy rosen - 2005-08-25

        is your config file the same ?
        are the other keys working ?
        do you have write acces to the input device ?

    • Binaryblade

      Binaryblade - 2005-08-26

      Got it for some strange reason the vol channel of the mixer doesn't adjust the volume its the pcm channel that does  (I use the Yamaha opl3-sa for future reference) quick change to the config file and I was in business. now all I need to do is build a case and aquire a keypad then presto jukebox


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