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IRJ 0.1.2 Released!

The IRJ project admins are pleased to announce the (late) release of version 0.1.2!

You now have the ability to have multiple owners in the channel at once and allow any current user in the channel to be an owner. The "IRJ is Starting" message has been corrected. Several errors with the presence tracking have been corrected. Roster removal (if no subscription) now works. The code has been cleaned up to prevent accidental autovivifaction in the roster hash. Jabber resources are now handled correctly and can be specified when sending messages. Many other minor bugs have also been fixed.... read more

Posted by Jason S 2004-01-05

IRJ 0.1.1 Released!

The IRJ Project Admins are pleased to announce the release of IRJ 0.1.1!

There are many changes incorporated into this release. There is a new "!conversation" command to set conversation to a specific user. Roster entries with no subscription status will be automatically deleted. The subscribe bug has been fixed. Reworked most of the regexes to make the program more readable and flexible. The program should no longer generate any warnings. Nick changes are now reflected in the channel topic. Converted to better, faster nick tracking system. Better debugging commands have been added. And, many other minor bug fixes have been implemented.... read more

Posted by Jason S 2003-01-22

IRJ 0.1.0 Released!

The IRJ project admins are proud to announce the release of version 0.1.0. This is the very first beta release of IRJ.

MSN nickname encoding problems have been fixed. IRJ now supports SSL. New !info command allows you to see more information about a particular user. IRJ now communicates subscription and presence information through private messages and notices. IRJ now also includes daemon mode for unix-style platforms. IRJ now also comes with improved debugging.... read more

Posted by Jason S 2002-12-28

IRJ 0.0.2 Released!

IRJ Version 0.0.2 released! IRJ will now try to connect up to 5 times on startup, or if the connection is lost. Error handling on presence and messages was implemented. Headline and subject support now works, and new message indicators were added. The code and variable names have been cleaned up, the msnautonick bug was fixed, and the documentation has been updated.

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Posted by Jason S 2002-07-14

IRJ 0.0.1 Released!

IRJ Version 0.0.1 has been released. Feel free to send us your comments.

What is IRJ you ask? Well, IRJ or Internet Relay Jabber, acts as a gateway between IRC and Jabber (and using Jabber, AIM, MSN, Yahoo!, and ICQ). So if you use IRC and your best friend uses say...ICQ, you both can talk to each other using your prospective programs. Cool, huh?

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Posted by Jason S 2002-06-26

Welcome to IRJ!

Welcome to the IRJ Project Homepage! The initial public release of IRJ will be made available very soon. Stay tuned for details.

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Posted by Jason S 2002-06-26