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irixpkg 0.2.1b Released!

This version adds a command-line switch that just shows the user what would be done. The source code has been cleaned up a bit, too.

Posted by Andrej Bukosek 2004-01-18

irixpkg 0.2.0b Released!

This version adds three new features:
1. A package can now have dependencies from (such as fw_ncurses, fw_gcc, etc.)
2. A command line option has been added that makes irixpkg just download the package files, but not extract and install them.
3. Another command line option disables dependency checking.

Posted by Andrej Bukosek 2004-01-08

irixpkg 0.1.9b Released!

Irixpkg is now beta! This version adds database updating from a remote server and packages are now installed after every required package is downloaded. A new package has also been added.

Posted by Andrej Bukosek 2003-12-23

irixpkg 0.1.8a Released!

This version adds a search function and two packages, so this perhaps makes it interesting to non-developers also. A global package configuration script has also been added. This script enables you to set which compiler you want to use to compile the packages. You can also set compiler options with it.

Posted by Andrej Bukosek 2003-12-15

irixpkg 0.1.7a Released!

The second release of irixpkg is here. Irixpkg now checks if the package source file was downloaded before attempting to extract it. The code has been cleaned up a bit but otherwise things haven't changed much.

Posted by Andrej Bukosek 2003-12-13

irixpkg 0.1.6a Released!

The first version of irixpkg, a package installation system for IRIX has been released!
Download the source and read the README file :)

Posted by Andrej Bukosek 2003-12-11