Thank you for your answer, PF_PACKET seems to be exactly what we need. After reading the PF_PACKET manpage I have two questions:
I suppose I would use ETH_P_IRDA as protocol?
That one was not that hard, but what do I do with the addresses? I saw that there is a sockaddr_ll struct, which is a device independent physical layer address... But what should I do with it, since there is nothing to address on this layer? Do I have to specify anywhere "which" interface to use?
I found much information about using PF_PACKET for ethernet sockets, but I couldn't find anything about how to use it with IrDA sockets...

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Check out the PF_PACKET interface documented in the packet(7) man page.
You can open a packet socket with SOCK_RAW and send pretty much
raw frames out an IrDA device from userspace.

You can use the SIOCSBANDWIDTH ioctl on the packet to set the data rate.
You might have to explore the linux/irda.h header directly and
if_irda_req struct for details as I don't believe a lot of this low
level stuff is documented formally.


Wallner Andreas wrote:
> Hi,

> I have to following problem: we buit an IrDA FIR core for a FPGA /
> ASIC, and we want to verify this core against an interface we know is
> standard compliant. Since we don't have a full IrDA Stack available
> ATM, and want to test it layer-by-layer anyway we thought of using one
> of our notebooks IrDA interfaces.

> I have no clue about the IrDA implementation on Linux, that why I
> wanted to ask wheter it is possible to gain access to the IrDA PHY
> level (the level where you would normally begin to write your IrDA
> stack and implement IrLAP?

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