Compiling IrDA-Utils for other Processors

  • Michael Prantke

    Michael Prantke - 2001-10-19

    I like to compile the IrDA-Utils for an arm processor with a cross compiler. Has anyone expierence to compile the utils for other processors... what must i change in the make files beside the cc variable?

    • Marco L. Spolaore

      Hi guys, I'm a bit confused.
      My IBM Thinkpad laptop has an IR interface who does not work.
      The interface is driven by the nsc-ircc kernel
      module but i see in the sources this code:

      case 0x05: /* Reserved, but this is what the Thinkpad reports */
        IRDA_DEBUG(0, __FUNCTION__ "(), %s not defined by irda yet\n",

      ("nsc-ircc.c" line 812 of 2069) linux-2.4.12)
      ... and is what I get in the logs when I load the module.
      Does this mean that the kernel module itself
      can't handle this interface ?
      Is there a way to get this to work ?
      Or maybe, does these utils can work even with that kind of debug message ?


    • Josh Harding

      Josh Harding - 2002-01-27

      I was able to compile irattach for the empeg without much trouble.  I wasn't able to get irdadump to compile though :(  it complained about needing libtools >= 1.2, but only checks for =1.2 or =1.3 (I have 1.4).  After irdadump/, I got past that.  But then it complained during linking about main.o having undefined ref's to things like printf, exit, stdout, etc.... haven't figured that part out yet.

      • Michael Prantke

        Michael Prantke - 2002-03-20

        Josh! Thanks for the answer. It seems we have the same problem... I compiled irattach and it's working... but with irdadump I have exactly the same trouble as you :-( If you find an solution, please give a hint. thanks a lot

    • elisacchi

      elisacchi - 2005-10-03

      I'm trying to cross compiling irda-utils for arm9... someone could help me please??
      I have i.mx21 arm9 freescale and linux kernel 2.4.20 on target board.


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