Linux IrDA and vmware

  • Arne Gehlhaar

    Arne Gehlhaar - 2000-10-26


    am I the first real person starting a thread in this forum?


    OK here it goes:
    Has anyone succeeded in getting an infrared device working on NT4.0 running inside vmware on Linux 2.2.16?
    I am using the ACTiSYS IrDA Adapter 210L which uses the onboard IrDA connector of the mainboard (MSI-6147)
    The Linux side seems to be working.

    Any ideas? Anybody?


    • Dag Brattli

      Dag Brattli - 2000-11-22


      I some how managed to get it sort of working.
      My biggest problem was that VMware didn't
      initialize the Linux ttys correctly. To do
      this try running "stty raw < /dev/ttyS0" or
      change it for the tty you are using.

      -- Dag

    • Jose Gocobachi

      Jose Gocobachi - 2001-10-29

      Hi there,

      Just wanted to let you know that there is no real support for IrDA in Windows NT.  Sorry, but that has been my experience (a few years) working with most NT 4.0 based laptops.  However, you may get lucky and your laptop producer (eg, HP, Dell, IBM, NEC, etc.) may have a specific IrDA driver for the laptop.  Otherwise, I highly recommend you upgrade to Windows 2000 or Windows XP to get the full IrDA support within VMWARE.  Take care.


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