Giulio Genovese - 2004-04-28

Hello, I'm using a debian kernel 2.6.5-1-686 and I wanted to try to use the infrared device on my laptop. When I use the command "modprobe smsc-ircc2" I get the following output from dmesg and of course the module is not loaded. What does it mean "IrDA not enabled"? The irda module is loaded anyway.


giulio:~# dmesg
NET: Registered protocol family 23
found SMC SuperIO Chip (devid=0x5a rev=00 base=0x002e): LPC47N227
smsc_superio_flat(): IrDA not enabled
smsc_superio_flat(): fir: 0x00, sir: 0x00, dma: 15, irq: 0, mode: 0x02