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Build - Beta 1 is Now Online

The first beta version of IRCSynapse is online and avaible for download. Even if our economical problems (read the previous news) we decided to publish this version.

Posted by Tom 2007-02-11

IRCSynapse is dying

Just after we completed the beta version of IRCSynapse, and was about to publish it, we received the bad news. Our sponsor has cutted all the fundings to us. This means that if we don't receive some donations or find another sponsor we'll have to shut down the project. We're asking you guys to contribute to our project. It doesn't matter how small your donation will be! Even if very small it could save the project. I hope that in a month or two we can announce that we have all the funds we need and that we can keep working on this project. Thank Everybody

Posted by Tom 2007-02-11

Build is Now Online

As anticipated, in this build there is no need for the winsock ocx/dll files. Unfortunately we still have to review the code so we couldn't release the build. This is just an intermediate release. The reason why it's taking so long is easily explained in a word: Vista. Some days ago Windows Vista was released and, after upgrading our systems we're wondering how to proceed. As always feel free to use this version and please when you find bugs just signal them on the tracker or by email at the project administrator.
Thank You all for Your interest in IRCSynapse!

Posted by Tom 2007-02-03

IRCSynapse Connection Module Update

In the two published builds of IRCSynapse we've been using the old Winsock .COM component to allow communication with the IRC server. Right now we're recoding the connection module to use the System.Net.Sockets classes from .NET framework 2.0 . This recoding is not just a service procedure to keep the code updated but will actually improve the functionalities of the projects first of all because of it's flexibility. The second improvment is that the final .exe file is not going to need any external .dll, .ocx or resource file for such a basic task as to connect to server. This will certainly help the deployment! As we finish this little recoding we'll post the next build with also some improvements in graphics and a total review of the code.

Posted by Tom 2007-01-25

Build is Now Online

This build is the first alpha build of IRCSynapse. It has a much more complex message management system for the server messages and even if the GUI are not complete yet the graphical feature is coded (turned off for further development). We'd apriciate if you guys could test it and send us all the bugs you find on the bugs tracker.
Thank you for your help,

Posted by Tom 2007-01-23

Build is Now Online

IRCSynapse is online. As you can see from the development status this is a pre-alpha version and we are still far away from our goal, but our policy is to publish every step of our work so that you can help us out to find and correct bugs and give us new ideas. So feel free to use this software and please report all the problems you find to us in project's bug tracker. We'll help you if we have a ready solution or improve the software and tell you when the next buil is out! Thank everybody for the interest shown and for your help! Have Fun!

Posted by Tom 2007-01-09

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