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Glade-perl package is now part of the debian project.

Libglade-perl has been officialy uploaded in debian. For those using potato I will continue to maintain this version here. For those using or upgrading to sid or woody, they must first purge glade-perl before installing libglade-perl.

Posted by Rémi Perrot 2001-05-22

Glade-perl pkg updated

Since there is not less than seven upload of this debian package in five days, we decided to improve the package quality. The only probleme that may left is about the package name.
- Happy download -

Posted by Rémi Perrot 2000-09-29

Debian package of glade-perl

Debian user will find a Debian package of glade-perl. This provide the tool glade2perl needed by glade, and perl class in order to run irc_essai.

Posted by Rémi Perrot 2000-09-25