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2.0.0-beta3 released

This release includes some patches of the Linux-IrDA project (now updated to kernel 2.6.10-rc1) which are also important for IrCOMM2k.

One fixed problem occurred when IrCOMM2k was listening for incoming connections without closing the virtual COM port after every session. Another concerned the timing during the device discovery (originally detected by Nokia on IrCOMM2k, then also confirmed and fixed for Linux).... read more

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2004-12-12

2.0.0-beta2 released

After a longer period of inactivity a new beta version has just been completed. It contains some recent patches of the underlying Linux-IrDA stack, fixes a few bugs of the installation process, and improves IrMon2k's taskbar visualisation.

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2003-12-01

Project Maintainer Wanted - Developer(s) Wanted

During the last two years I spent a lot of my free time on creating and improving IrCOMM2k, answering user questions, and maintaining the website. The project is still not perfect (see presentation available from the download page for some desirable improvements), however, it seems that IrCOMM2k has almost reached a state which I had in mind when starting the development of version 2.

Now, as other projects I am involved in require more attention, I have to reduce the time spent on IrCOMM2k. Therefore I am now looking for someone willing to slowly take over parts or even the whole project maintenance. The most important tasks are:... read more

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2003-09-24

2.0.0-beta1 released

This important version includes a new setup tool which makes the installation of IrCOMM2k as easy as with the old version 1.x. Furthermore, two tiny bugs in the virtual COM port (concerning the cleanup code) and the protocol driver (blue screen fixed which occured during certain uninstallation steps) were fixed.

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2003-09-24

2.0.0-alpha8 released

To make all the smaller bug fixes available which were developed during the last month, another alpha version has been released. Here is the list of the improvements:

- upgraded to 2.5.67 kernel code with memory leak patch
- ported to Windows DDK 3790
- fixed several bugs which prevented connection establishment or caused slow data transfer
* faulty minimum turn around time creation
* C/R-bit patch
* wrong baud rate qos parameters
- irda2kdump can now write out special libpcap files (dissectable with Ethereal + new IrDA plugin)

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2003-08-06

A Bug Fix Called Alpha7 Released

This new release just fixes the connection issue which was unfortunately introduced with version 2.0.0-alpha6.

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2003-03-10

Alpha6 Released

Again it's just another alpha version, but I'm confident that the next release will be named "Beta1" and will finally contain a new setup program.

Alpha6 reduces significantly the delay when infrared mode is switched to "IrCOMM2k" while Windows has just opened an IR connection. Furthermore, support for IrLPT (printing over infrared) has been added. To make Windows an infrared print server you still need some additional software, but you can already experiment with a terminal program to see what's possible.... read more

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2003-03-05

Bug Fixes and New Monitoring Tool

Version 2.0.0-alpha5 has been released on Monday. It fixes among some smaller issues the crash which occured on many system right after connection establishment.

Alpha5 also comes with the new monitoring tool irmon2k. It displays a tray icon to indicate the status of IrCOMM2k. And it can be used to switch manually between standard infrared and IrCOMM2k.

Posted by Jan Kiszka 2003-02-06