Polar HRMs Again

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    I realise that you are probably fed up with this topic.  I have searched through the threads that are available and can see that you have spent some time investigating this and I am hoping that you will entertain a mad fool for a couple of minutes at least.

    I have a S710i so should be able to use a separate IR dongle as per the information I have been able to source.  I do have a polar usb IR which works, however I travel a lot and would rather use a small sub IR dongle as I already carry heaps of work around as it is (and I am bound to lose the one that works as well).

    Has anyone managed to get this to work yet?  I have got an internal IR to work on someone elses laptop with the weblink software, however my laptop does not have an internal IR.  I have tried with basic windows drivers and failed (hence why I found this site).  I have loaded up the beta3 version of your drivers and have got to the point where it has loaded to com7 and the weblink software goes to com6.  Prior to playing with regedit I wanted to know if there has been any success with this at all?

    Your help would be much appreciated.

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      Hi there,

      I've got a S625X and a BELKIN USB-IrDA with no special drivers (not even the Belkin ones) on Windows-XP. It works perfectly.
      In my 'Polar Precision Performance SW' options I don't use any COM selection but it shows 'IrDA' and that works fine.
      So if you find a cheap USB-IrDA dongle that installs fine with Windows-XP, you can just go for it.
      Good luck!


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