HavocH27 - 2007-05-13

I wasn't able to get H/PC Explorer to communicate with the virtual com port created by IrCOMM2k although I could select it in the communications dialog. It sits and waits for communication from the hpc. I initiate the irda connection with my hpc and the IrCOMM2k monitor icon animates as if there is a connection happening even though the hpc keeps retrying the connection. I can see when the hpc stops trying that the IrCOMM2k icon stops animating as well. It is evident that communication is happening between the hpc and IrCOMM2k but it seems H/PC Explorer is not receiving the signal not replying to the hpc so the hpc connects. Without IrCOMM2k installed and H/PC Explorer running, The hpc does connect to windows and windows will allow file transfer although when you actually try, it fails because windows can't communicate with Windows CE v1.0 effectively I would imagine. H/PC Explorer however was designed for it, but it only talks to com ports.

I know the author is not focusing much on this project any longer but I thought I would try reporting this anyway as I have yet to find a way (besides buying a wire for direct connection) to connect my hpc to my pc and transfer files. I would like to update windows ce on it so I won't have a problem and can then use newer software to transfer files. Please let me know if you have confirmed this to work in my situation or not and if you know of plans to implement a way for IrCOMM2k to allow this connection to work. This is the only program of this sort I was able to find after a lot of looking over many weeks.

OS:                    Windows XP Pro
IrDA device interface:            USB
Software to communicate with hpc:    Microsoft H/PC Explorer
IrDA enabled device:            Compaq HPC c120+++