How do IrComm work?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I want to know if for comunicating two devices to Ircomm is necessary to send some data frame?

    if somebody can explain to me well like the Ircomm works, if it is necessary to send some data frame  so that the pda or another device identifies that they are communicating for the ircomm.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've got the same problem.
      I place the virtual IRDA to a COM5. Ok
      I configured my software using this port.
      But how can I transmit something (my goal is to transmit IR data via an USB port)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      my experience is similar i am trying to download music to my phone ans this stupid thing tell me that i needed to download and now it tells me that i need an infrared adapter and i dont know what else.... i am getting tired


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