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First release

Here is the first release of the project. It's working bug still have many thing to do... Feel free to report any bugs or ideas.

Posted by F le chat 2007-10-05


Ssl connection has been added, connection and server messages are improved but still incomplete.
Dcc send and recieve is included and works but still have to add code for resume.
The next work will be to give the program a friendly navigation interface.

Posted by F le chat 2007-08-03

State of the project

Actually the client works. You can connect to irc networks and chat with it. Every basic irc message is handled except ctcp replies.
A basic action menu for the nick list is present. The kick/ban/greet messages, slaps usable in this menu are editable via the options, section 'Messages'.
You can view the colored text sended by ather people but you cannot send coloured text. Bold and underlined is not implemented.
French and english language are implemented, maybe I will include other languages if really needed.
I will publish the first source when the few major bugs resting will be eliminated. I have put some screenshots instead of sources :)

Posted by F le chat 2006-10-28