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0.1.1 released

Though there is still not much functionality and though something else was planned, ircServe has been released in its first version: 0.1.1 (0.1 beta 1).

ircServe is provided as an executable jar and as source files. Both are available in three packaging formats: zip, tar/gz, and tar/bz2. You only need one of the files to use ircServe. You will need to install Java2SE "Runtime Environment" or "Development Kit" to run the jar, and you will need Java2SE "Development Kit" to compile and run the source code.... read more

Posted by Thomas Pryds 2003-01-18

CVS is up and running

Source files have been added to the CVS repository. See to find out how to get the files from CVS anonymously. The README file included explains how to compile and run ircServe.

No directly downloadable file releases have yet been made, since ircServe is still under development and is not yet capable of doing anything very useful.

You are welcome, though, to grab the files from CVS and play around with them. Also feel free to submit a feature request.

Posted by Thomas Pryds 2003-01-13